20 February 2017

Pretty Kitties and a Dog

He is such a pretty kitty. He is hunting a lady bug. It has been so warm here that bugs are out and about and coming into the house at rare moments. 

This is my lone female kitty. She is pretty much mine and allows others to pet her at her pleasure. 

I gave the kitties a little baked chicken one night. This was how I caught the lone female. So the others had to get into the act. 

She loves her baked chicken. 

Like I said he is a pretty kitty. 

She is a furniture hound. She loves to lay on the furniture. 

He loves living with us and has started curling up into tight balls with his head tucked under. 

My sister-in-law got into the act of rescuing a kitty. She is also a very pretty kitty. 

My girls like to put her on top of her scratching post. 

He loves to be cuddled into blankets. He is very much a confident kitty since he has been with us. 

She makes some of the funniest faces and noises (when she sleeps). She talks to me when she wants to go out. 

He is a little trouble maker. 

She likes to be rubbed on all the time and will head butt for more attention. 

Look at that huge smile. It never goes away. 

They are getting along better. There are still moments where they will scare each other, but they are doing so much better. 

She will often stick out her tongue. 

He loves the doll, it helps that it is filled with kitty nip. 

Another cat toy created for the kitties. He loves it (yep, this is a he). 

Love how she curls on the couch. 

The three boys (yep, that black one is a boy). 

If you want a pet, always consider rescuing one, as they are the most loving and accepting and happy pets to own. I won't ever regret any of my rescues. 

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