23 February 2017

Histories Mysteries

Trying to get my kids excited over things has been a challenge, but they love NCIS, CSI, etc. So one day I was looking around on FB (when bored I read FB articles) and I came across this idea. So I began to research the idea and there are so many different mysteries that can be searched and read about. So I started creating a card for each of the different mysteries and will let them choose a mystery to research and see where this will lead.

Links for some:
History Mysteries
10 Unsolved Mysteries
9 Strange Unsolved Mysteries
25 Mysteries
10 WWII Mysteries
10 Strangest from WWII
More WWII Mysteries
15 WWII Mysteries

The ones that I have put onto cards for the girls to choose from (in a hat, way over their heads so there is no cheating for a "better" card).

1. Bermuda Triangle
2. Where is Atlantis?
3. Hanging Gardens of Babylon
4. Fate of the Arc of the Covenant
5. Jesus' Resurrection
6. Copper Scroll Treasure
7. The Fire in the Coal Mine
8. Oak Island Money Pit
9. RFK Assassination
10. JFK Assassination/Babushka Woman
11. Cleopatra's Tomb
12. Did a Romanov Survive?
13. Where is Jimmy Hoffa?
14. Escape of Napoleon
15. Death of Napoleon
16. Lindburgh Baby
17. Amelia Earhart
18. Spontaneous Combustion
19. Vile Vortices
20. Taos Hum
21. Sailing Stones
22. Culpeper Ring
23. Lincoln Assassination
24. Jack the Ripper (this is the most popular with the girls)
25. Lost Colony of Roanoke
26. Bimini Road
27. Voynich Manuscript
28. Shroud of Turin
29. Lizzie Borden and Parent's Murderer
30. John Dillinger
31. Easter Island
32. Agatha Christie's Disappearance
33. King Arthur
34. Robin Hood
35. The Antikythera Mechanism
36. Loch Ness Monster
37. The Mary Celeste
38. Zodiac Killer
39. DB Cooper
40. Black Dahlia
41. Death of Mozart
42. Female Pope?
43. Mad King Ludwig
44. Highest Value Art Heist
45. Meriwether Lewis
46. Archimedes Death Ray
47. Escape Alcatraz
48. Noah's Ark
49. Tower Princes
50. Big Foot/Chupacabra, et al
51. What happened to the Blutfahne? (famous Nazi Flag)
52. Death of Subhas Chandra Bose
53. 17 British Soldiers in Auschwitz
54. Ness Gun Battery Mystery Artist
55. Hitler's Missing Globe
56. Raoul Wallenberg
57. Heinrich Mueller
58. Who Betrayed Jean Moulin?
59. Who Betrayed Anne Frank (Frank Family)?
60. Who was the Dead Body in Operation Mincemeat?
61. Foo Fighters
62. Disappearance of Flight 19.
63. Empty Plane after Pearl Harbor
64. Russian Amber Room....theft?
65. Rommel's Hidden Treasure
66. German U Boat U530
67. Herschel Grynszpan
68. Glenn Miller
69. Battle of Los Angeles
70. Die Glocke, Nazi Bell
71. Nazi Ghost Train
72. Ghost Planes of WWII
73. Trail of Tears
74. General Custer
75. Stonewall Jackson Death
76. Lost Confederate Gold
77. General Grant's Photograph (Gen Grant at City Point)
78. Mystery Photos (Civil War)
79. Ghosts of Kolb Farm
80. Army Itch (Civil War)
81. Fort Monroe (Civil War)
82. Disappearance of the USS Keystone State
83. Glowing Soldiers (Civil War)

I will continue to add to this list, as I find this fun and interesting. I think the girls will love it, too.
I may have to look up some things like for science, too.

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