18 February 2016

Early, Early Morning

I woke up at 4:30 a.m. It is another cold morning and the cats are heavy on my ankles. They are cold and cuddle as close to me as they can get and their weight pulls down on the blankets making it hard for me to move my legs or change positions and then I start to hurt. When we just had 2 cats, they were bigger than 3 of the cats we have now, they would do this and I would wake up crying from the pain and my husband would lift and move them to relieve the pain (my ankles have severe arthritis and getting worse, but I am still walking and moving and I will keep trying). But after I got out of bed, I put my dog outside. She is a really good dog and she is fun to watch. She goes out and she starts the morning ritual, she pees, then starts to sniff through the yard. As she sniffs, she has to poo and she poos and sniffs and so there is poo everywhere! Then when she finishes pooing, she starts hopping through the yard, sniffing and and hopping. She is a big time friendly dog and when people come over, she is all over them, as if they came to see her, not to visit with us. She also loves to walk, but she licks, so we aren't walking because we don't want her getting salt on her paws. She would be such a sick puppy after that. I am waiting for warm weather and a good rain that will wash away the salt. After that, we will get back to walking her through the woods. She loves that! She will pull this way and that trying to sniff everything! She is very much a hunting dog! She is a sweet, loving dog, that will love anyone. But she does love her kids. That is a good thing. Best dogs in the world are those that are rescued.

As long as I am awake, I will get some work accomplished on the emails again. I took a few days off to get my craft room rearranged. One of my cats jumped to the top of my tallest bookshelf (he used other things in the room to get up that high) and he knocked my china dolls off the top of the bookshelf. One was very old and it shattered. After a good cry, I began the process of cleaning up all the broken glass. I can't be mad at him. I put the dolls up that high. I did it when the girls were young, so that they wouldn't touch and break the dolls. He is just a cat and he doesn't know any better. He just wanted to get up high because the other cats were bothering him and he knocked the dolls off. It is sad, but they are just things and things can be replaced, people cannot.

Log Cabin Afghan There are few versions. So I may end up putting duplicates up a few times.
Millionaire's Afghan
Reversible Log Cabin Afghan
Log Cabin Afghan this one is definitely different than the two listed above.
Mosaic Afghan
Round Stained Glass Afghan
Spiral Crochet Afghan
Cable Knit Afghan
Parcheesi Afghan
Patch Sampler Throw
Light Spectrum Afghan
Catherine Wheel Throw
Melon Ripple Afghan
Crochet Ripple Afghan
Country Star Afghan
Retro Circle Afghan
Color Block Afghan
Scrap Afghan Weaving Very cool effect and uses up ends of yarns.

Crochet Cat Bed
Knit Dog Coat - my dog could really use a coat, but then she hates them and it wouldn't be worth it. But maybe for the cats!
Bumble Cat Toy

Colorful Crochet Baby Blanket
Jester Hat older baby vs newborn
Sock Yarn Booties
Mini Top Hats

Large and Medium Bags
Big Grove Isle Bag
Sweet Candy Pouch
Summer Tote
Book Bag

Bath Pouf

Amazing Crochet Topiary Tree can be made in different colors for different holidays or seasons and then decorated to celebrate that way. This is from the Amazing Crochet Crowd Site and Mikey is fabulous at putting up tutorials to help make things.
Christmas Snowman Stocking
Jolly Fireplace Stocking
Tiny Tim's Stockings
Colorful Christmas Socks
Bird Ornament
Crochet Sheep Ornament
Rory the Reindeer Ornament

Blooming Flower Dishcloths
Christmas Scrubbies

Mini Brim Hat
Cable Hat, Scarf and Mittens
Lucky Leprechaun Hat for child
Rasta Hat
Comfy Headband/Earwarmer
French Beret
Crochet Santa Hat
Men's Hat and Scarf Set
Back Loops Beanie
Men's Beanie
Lizard Ridge Hat
River Ripple Hat
Retro Crochet Hat

Just for Fun
Faux Boob for Breast Cancer Awareness
Dog Poo Crochet Ornament gag gift for dog lovers
Das Beard Hat yeah, just for fun a hat with a beard.

Pacific Sunset Fingerless Mitts

Crocheted Potholder

Cozy Blue Scarf
Star Stuff Cowl
Biased Opinion Scarf
Autumn Leaves Scarf
Snowflake Scarf
Holiday Knit Scarf
Stained Glass Scarf
Fibonacci Scarf - Math scarf - this uses the fibonacci sequence. I love this idea because I am finally learning to love math.

Tea and Sympathy Shawl
Autumn Shawl
Flower Triangle Shawl
Wavy Warm Winter Shawl

Basic Socks

Tea Cozy
Scalloped Tea Cosy

Crochet Amish Puzzle Ball
Hello Kitty Witch
Year of the Tiger
Crabby the Crab
Penguin Bowling Pins
Teddy Bears

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