24 February 2016

Time Off, Concerts, Lunch with Dads, Emails

Lebanon Library redid the basement and made it more fun in some respects....This is on the ceiling:
 and the wall.

I took some time off from the computer and it was good. I took the girls to lunch on Friday with their grandfathers and as we entered the Big Boy in Erlanger, the police looked at my daughters and questioned why they weren't in school. In the 3 years that we have been homeschooling, we had not been asked that before. I had my letters and my daughters knew that they were not in the wrong, but they froze. They were scared. I told the officer, very nicely, that the girls were in school as they were getting to hear history from their grandfathers. They tell what they remember from when they were growing up, what the world was like and life for them during WWII. I explained that we homeschool and that the girls come out with their grandfathers once every two weeks and listen to the old men talk. We also had computer lessons at night on Thursday and music would happen on Sunday night when they went to a concert their very talented cousin was participating in. They go to book clubs and writing clubs and as many things as I can find for them. The officer was impressed at how much I had them involved in and then my father said, "She is a hard task master. She makes them work in the car!" The officer also commented that homeschooling was becoming more popular.

  The program.

We went to the concert at Mother of God Church in Covington, KY. It was a wonderful concert. Such wonderful performances. It was good to spend that time at the church. Many may not have liked that I was crocheting during the performance, but I can listen without staring up at other people's heads....yep, sat far enough back that I could work on something and the girls could read their books. They heard the music and enjoyed it. Every now and again, we would look over and the girls heads would be up and there would be a look of intense concentration on their faces. They enjoyed the performance. My father told me about the next concert...Morgan and a Choral Group at the Cathedral Basilica. The Cathedral is gorgeous. I was excited about the concert. We went to the Cincinnati Zoo in the afternoon and then supper at my dad's favorite place, Burger King, and then onto the Cathedral. I felt bad that I wasn't home when my husband woke up, but I really wanted to see my niece's performance. It is also good for my daughters. The performance was so wonderful. The music was well chosen and the girls were enthralled.

  The program.
 This is from the practice.

 The snow leopard is "sucking his thumb" they said. They are trying to break him from the habit.

The Stellar Sea Eagles are sitting on a nest of eggs. But this guy was sitting down by the fence.

My emails continued to go up while I was off the internet, but that is okay. Many could be deleted as they were not important, the free books were quick and I already had many of them. I will remove more tonight after the concert, after we get home. It will be late, but I have so much laundry that I need to get through as tomorrow is another event and computer classes.

Autumn Leaves Afghan
Falling Leaves Afghan
Manly Man Man-ghan
Autumn Throw
Color Block Afghan
Fans and Pansies Ripple Blanket
Crocodile Flower Square
Light Spectrum Afghan
Mountan Mists Afghan

Striped Baby Hat

Knitted Fall Tote

Christmas Tree

Gothic Witch Cape
Black Cat Baby
Skeleton Mittens
Spock Ears
Jekyll and Hide Hat
Golden Stitch

Parisian Dahlia Beanie
Driggs Avenue Hattitude
Retro Crochet Hat
Spin Cycle Hat
Hadley Hat

Dancing Leaves Coasters

Glamourous Zig Zag Scarf
Zodiac Scarf
Definitely Diagonal Scarf
Spooky Hands Scarf
Paintbox Scarf
Rainbow Dreams Scarf

Autumn Shawl

Knit Muk Luks

Business Casual

Sleeping Buddies cute little dolls

George Washington and Hot Chocolate
34 Things About WWII

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