06 February 2016

Cleaning out the Emails

I have to work on the emails again, as they are going up and down little by little. They go up by 2 to 4 a day (depending on how many come in from various sources) and down by many depending on how many I can get through in a day without someone getting antsy about wanting on the computer. Right now we are doing science with "Mythbusters." Seems weird, but they do have some good science and they use a good scientific methods. Anything that inspires the girls is a good thing. I do have them reading science books as well, but sometimes we just need something different and fun.

Afghan - Retro Circle
Afghan - Circles in Rectangles
Afghan- Pastel Lacy Shells
Afghan - Geometric Afghan
Afghan - Crochet Diamonds
Afghan - Dublin
Afghan - Catherine Wheel
Afghan - Tally Ho
Afghan - Parcheesi
Afghan - Patchwork
Afghan - Granny Hexagon - if you click for free pattern links or crochet tutorials it will teach you how to join the hexagons.
Afghan - Neverending Granny from Crochet Crowd.
Afghan - Granny Square Guitar chart and you have to figure it out as you go.

Amigurumi - Little Hoot
Amigurumi - Year of the Monkey

Applique - Peacock Feather Pattern and Tutorial

Baby - Knee High Socks
Baby - 10 Stripe Baby Ball
Baby - 2 Seam Cube
Baby - 5 Hour Booties
Baby - Adorable Booties
Baby - Hermes Winged Booties
Baby - Easy Stay on Bib
Baby - 6-12 month old giraffe hat so very cute!
Baby - Jericho Baby Knit Blanket

Bags - Dog Carrier Bag or can be used for other things.
Bags - Reusable Strawberry Field Market Bag

Christmas - 3 Wise Men
Christmas - Knit Mitten Ornaments
Christmas - Granny Square Stocking
Christmas - Decoration Pot Holders

Cowl - Grey Owl Cowl

Dishcloth - Knit with Friends
Dishcloth - Snowman
Dishcloth - Snowflake

Halloween - Boo Treelicious Ghosts to decorate a scary tree
Halloween - Ghost Bob
Halloween - Treat Bags free download from Red Heart

Hat - Rainbow Beanie for kids
Hat - Snowman Hat
Hat - Skunk Hat

Kitchen - Easy Oven Mitts
Kitchen - Colorful Trivets shaped like flowers with different centers.

Links - Free Patterns

Mittens - Cable
Mitts - Fingerless Walden's Wood Mitts
Mitts - Endpaper Fingerless
Mittens - Colorwork

Scarf - Pink Ribbon Scarf
Scarf - Blogathon Lace Triangle
Scarf - Hooded

Shawl - Northern Lights - free Ravelry download and beautiful.

Socks - 2 Needle Lace Socks
Socks - Heart Lace Socks
Socks - Men's Maizy Trailmix
Socks - Men's Argyle
Socks - Anastasia
Socks - Toe Up

Squares - Peace Sign Granny
Square - Farmington
Square - Eliot

Toys - Fantasy Castle with Characters
Toys - Airplane
Toys - Not Quite Duck Pins Penguin Bowling Set
Toys - Superhero Cape and Mask

Wreath - Crochet Autumn I think if you change colors to pink, red and white you have Valentine's and Pastel colors you can get Easter and/or spring. Red, Green, White for Christmas. I think this is one that I will have fun making and it can be washed!

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