03 February 2016

Tuesday, A Day to Go Out, Wednesday, A Day to Remember a Life Well Lived

Today, is another warm winter day. I need to refill bird feeders and I really want to go somewhere. After that week of illness, I just want to get out and do something. I know that tonight I will finish working on my emails and try to get it down another 50 emails. (My goal, lower by 50 every other day or daily). I also need to get some things off my FB page, too. It has been awhile since I cleared it off. I think it partially has to do with my just wanting to do other things. I do see a light at the end of the tunnel. I will try and get a few more of my mother's recipes on to her blog page. I know that my one sister has marked that she is following it. That is good. I know that my brother has been looking at the page, too. He wants some recipes to make for our father. Lent is also on the way. Soon we will see the old men eating fish on Friday and Ash Wednesday. I do enjoy the fish fry at the nearby church. So does my husband. We end up meeting up with friends and just enjoying the company. I hope that my dad and father-in-law go to a few during the season as they will enjoy it as well.

Last night, we had a pretty good storm blowing around outside (Tuesday night) and since my house has been hit by lightning twice in the past, I turn off the computer and the internet, etc and just read books. I just finished reading "Elvis and the Memphis Mambo Murders" by Peggy Webb. This is a Southern Cousins Mystery. I have yet to read the first book in the group, but I have read 2 of the other books by her in the series and I just have a little trouble with Callie being wishy washy about how she feels about her husband (who she says she wants to divorce but still hasn't). Too much time is spent on how she feels about her husband and how she loves him and how he is good for her, but at the same time she wants children and he doesn't and this is the impasse that they have reached.

Tonight, I will be going to a funeral home for the visitation of the husband of a friend of my mom's. I grew up with their children and have known them all my life. He lived a good life and has been a good husband to her and good father to their children. He has been a good friend to my parents and while she was unable to come to my mom's funeral, he did make an appearance. He will be missed.

Knitting Time Calculator for those people who think my time is worthless. A way to figure out what I made is worth.

Homeschool - Using Netflix lists of shows and age groups and classes.
Homeschool - Explore Science with Food

Homeschool - Smithsonian - Virtual Tour for those days where you want to go to a museum and getting there is not an option.

Saint - Brigid Resources

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Pattern - Afghan - Round Stained Glass
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Pattern - Afghan - Mitred Squares
Pattern - Afghan - Shades of Sunset
Pattern - Bags - Desert Sunset Tote
Pattern - Bags - Dynamite Market Bag
Pattern - Bags - Plarn Market Bags - Plarn is yarn made out of plastic bags. Plarn also makes good seat covers for sporting events and ground covers for campers or for homeless.
Pattern - Bags - Wicked Lime Green Backpack
Pattern - Bags - Dollhouse Purse Great bag for a young girl.
Pattern - Bags - Mesh Knit Market Bag
Pattern - Basket - Cotton Crochet
Pattern - Dishcloth - Cherry
Pattern - Dishcloth - Pink Grapefruit
Pattern - Dishcloth - Buttery Sunshine
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Pattern - Hats - Sunset Slouchy
Pattern - Hats - Airy Avalon Slouchy
Pattern - Hats - Breath of Spring
Pattern - Hats - Modern Knit Beanie
Pattern - Hats - Mighty Warrior scrap hat for child/boy
Pattern - Hats - Cladach Hat
Pattern - Hotpad - Flower
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Pattern - Kitchen - Tiny Flower Scrubber
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Pattern - Shawl - Comfort Hug Prayer Shawl
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Pattern - Socks - Crochet Shell Socks

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