16 February 2016

501st Post!

Wow! I have posted 501 times with this post! I know that most of these posts have included links for patterns and links for homeschooling. But that is all good. There have been a few recipes shared from my mom (before she passed) and patterns that I created. I started this blog 5 March 2009. I know that I started it as a place to save things, because right before that I had been saving to my computer, but then it got infected and crashed and I lost all the things that I had been saving! I didn't want that to happen again and this seemed to be the best way to do that. I also have many things printed and saved in sheet protectors, the things that I use the most or are a very long pattern and would be difficult to make using a tablet. Enjoy, today's selections of patterns from the email, recipes and homeschool links from FB.

Afghan - Log Cabin Spread
Millionaire's Afghan
Arctic Throw
Knitted Patchwork
Rainbow Sherbet
Pirate Granny Squares
Cozy Halloween Throw
Four Leaf Clover Throw
2015 CAL Afghan
Yo Yo Afghan
Beachside Afghan
Rainbow Chevron Afghan
Ripple Afghan

Animal - Cat in the Hat for Dog This is a cute hat for a dog who doesn't mind being dressed up (not my dog)

Baby - Crochet Owl Hat
Baby - Frog Cocoon and Hat
Baby Zoo Afghan
Sweet High Tops for Baby - Tutorial
Crochet Baby Bear Hat and Crocs

Children - Crochet Rain Boots Cute set of slippers that are meant to look like rain boots for a young child.
Turban cute hat for a young girl.
Batman Hat for Kids
Child's Cow Hat

Christmas - Snowy Garland
Pinwheel Garland
Bright Knit Hats and Mittens Garland
Santa Gnome

Coasters - Toe
Pink and White Coaster English is towards bottom.
Aspiring Accents Coaster

Hat - Vanilla
Family Hats
Knit Cat Hat
Beginner's Favorite Knitted Rib Hat
Cable Beret
Crochet Unicorn Hat
Marigold Slouch Hat
Short Rows Wavy Hat
Lizard Ridge Hat
Ombre Hat
Izmir Hat
Lazy Day Lace Hat
Knitted Hat
Rosalie Hale Hat
Tulle-riffic Hat
Gin and Tonic Hat
Plaited Headwrap
Lazy River Beanie

Headband - Shamrock

Hotpad - Mandala Pot Holder
Not Your Mom's Hotpad
Coffee Cup Hotpad

Links - Meow! Crochet Kitties

Mitts - Diamond Leaf Fingerless Mitts
Taming the Butterfly Fingerless Mitts
Maplewood Mittens
Thrummed Mittens

Scarf - Reversible Cable Braid

School - Stashbuster - Pencil Case

Shawl - Beloved Shawl
Bamboo Wedding Shawl
Lilaceous Shawl
Flame and Ember Shawl
Sapphire Satin Sparkle Shawl
Sweet November Scarf Shawl
Autumn Shawl
Autumnal Triangle Shawl
Emily's Lace Circular Shawl
Crochet Shawl from Bernat
Tristan Eyelet Lace Shawl

Slippers - Aunt Alm's Dorm Booties

Socks - Black and White Chevron
Random Tracks Socks
Business Casual Socks I think these would be good for my nephew who requested socks.

Squares - Fan Dance

Toys - Little Yoda Crochet with Tutorial
Flo the Elephant
Laid Back Cat
Sleepy Sarah
Large Crochet Monkey

Fun Roadtrip:
OH Waterfalls Roadtrip
KY Waterfalls Roadtrip

Overcoming Obstacles
William Shakespeare
Bombing with Banknotes

Bagel Recipes Links
Peanut Butter Fudge Cake

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