08 February 2016

New Week, More Emails

I am totally amazed at how many people feel that they need to go places (like banks, libraries, restaurants, etc) when they are ill. I understand when people go to the store, because they have to get things for their home....popsicles (sick kids and high fevers = popsicles), juices, liquids, sometimes even medications, but you really don't need to go out to other places. Stay home and sleep and rest! Really folks, when you go out and you are ill and you go places that you really don't need to go to (even taking your kid to these places) all you do is share your germs with others who are just trying to get things accomplished, borrow books (you can do that online), banking (a check can wait until you are healthy again or mail it in), restaurant (get simple foods like soup in a can). Why am I on this kick....simple, I got the flu (and so did my whole household) because someone decided that they needed to go to the library with their sick kid. Now, I have something new, my system had already been compromised (flu started my asthma) and I took my kids to the Credit Union to deposit monies into their accounts. Guess what, another person who decided that their banking business needed to be handled that day. So now, I am, again, ill! High fevers and all! I just hope I can kick this one and no one else gets it. We are all still dealing with the remnants of the flu (it started everyone's asthma). I just don't understand people who feel that they need to go out and do things when they are ill. If my family had not become ill and running high fevers and we hadn't run out of medication (more taking means going through faster), I wouldn't have felt the need to leave my nice comfy chair and venture into a store. I would have gladly stayed at home. Oh, well, I guess there will always be those who feel that they need to drop their sick kids at a day care because they need to be away from them. There will always be those who need to go out when they are ill.

As it is, I'll just be happy if I can clear more of the emails from my account. Even if it doesn't come close to my goal, a few a day is better than none.

Recipes for my daughter....She wants to make a rainbow cake, so I am going to have to save many and then when we get to the time to make them (competition) she will have to choose so we can get them made and out....
Cake - Rainbow in a Jar

Afghan - In a Pinch
Afghan - Magnolia
Afghan - Noel
Afghan - Split Shell Ripple
Afghan - Christmas Throw and Pillow looks like a colorful poinsettia.
Afghan - Holiday Balls
Afghan - Christmas Star
Afghan - Old Lady listed as ancestral favorite, reminds me of the kind you would find in the 1970's! Also seen in some old TV shows from the 1980's thrown over the backs of couches.
Afghan - Dahlia
Afghan - Drew Embarsky's Monet
Afghan - Comforting Kitty
Afghan - Mountain Mist
Afghan - Thanksgiving Dinner
Afghan - Happy Halloween

Bags - Crochet Shell Backpack
Bags - Shopping Card Bag this could also be used to hold library cards or memberships to zoos, museums, and other places you might have a membership.
Bags - Ballerina
Bags - Owl Coin Purse

Cozy - Knit Tea

Dishcloth - 3 color Simple Stitch
Dishcloth - Crunch Stitch
Dishcloth - Praying Hands

Hat & Scarf - Pink Cabled

Flower - African Flower Motif

Christmas - Gift Tags
Christmas - Cottages

Mitts - Fingerless Toasty
Mittens - Stashbuster or Tweedy - free Ravelry download
Mittens - Bella's I might have to think about making mittens and hats that use my niece's names in the pattern names (for instance, this is one niece's middle name).
Mittens - Tannenbaum (Christmas Tree)
Mittens - Texting mittens - About 10 years ago, we would have not needed these, but the need for texting gloves and mittens has grown.

Scarf - Swiss Cheese free Ravelry download
Scarf - Hand Puppet
Scarf - Hooded Cat
Scarf - Hooded Snow Bear
Scarf - Neon Dreams Infinity the email called it the Willy Wonka...it is very pretty and fun.

School - Shark Time Pencil Case
School - Minion Pencil Case

Shawl - Casual Knit Lace
Shawl - Spring Elements
Shawl - Crochet from Bernat
Shawl - Tristan Eyelet Lace
Shawl - Strawberry Pie
Shawl - Downton Abbey

Socks - Double Rib

Toys - Mr. Fluffs Crocheted Kitty
Toys - Cat Bus with tutorial

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