28 September 2015

October is Almost Here!

Wow! September is almost over and it is hard to believe that it has been a month since my mother has moved on. Over a year ago, I joined a group of people who help genealogists find information in cemeteries. Basically, you receive a request to walk a cemetery near your location and take photos of the stone. If you cannot, you provide information on the cemetery (for instance, it is very old and the stones are missing, broken of faded beyond reading) and send it to the requester. It is a great service and it is fun to walk the cemeteries and find what is a help to another person. I took a list and my daughters and we went and walked a cemetery and found quite a few. We will be working on another very old cemetery tomorrow. Wish us luck.

Here are more from the FB pages:

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Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog
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A few weeks ago, I caught my daughter listening to something and another daughter knew what. When I found out, I had to research the song and found out about this little Sing-a-long blog. I watched it after the kids went to bed and loved it. Then I let the watch it. Now they watch it more often. They sing with it and love the whole story.

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