05 September 2015

Homeschool Saving

I started the journey to teaching my kids at home 3 years ago. But we just started our 3rd year actually homeschooling this year. But this year we are traditionally homeschooling. I try to save as many things as I can. Things that we are using or will use. Some these will help others, too. Enjoy!

CK-12 online  - about 2 years ago, I found CK-12 books on amazon for Kindle for free. I saved them to my cloud. A homeschooling friend found this and it is a great resource.

How to Make Your Own Google Map Envelopes - if your kid is a pen pal, these can be a fun addition to their letters.

Cool Science Class Projects - These are some great links to different science projects.


US States on Blank Map

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