19 April 2016

Half Way Through April

Five years ago, I asked my girls what is happiness. Then happiness was having a cat sleeping with you or having a dog or just being outside. Today, their answers have changed. My middle loves to go to the library and read books. My oldest states that happiness is her family and chocolate and reptiles. She loves snakes. She loves to draw and getting pencils and paper and other things made her happy. My youngest loves to cook (bake mostly) and her animals (especially cats) and being with her daddy (when he is off work). Happiness is being able to read a book or make something. 

Pokemon - Pichu - My girls got hooked on these and love them still.
Blue Bunny
Baby Groot
Joy (From Inside Out)
Olaf from Frozen
Anger (from Inside Out) Such a cool toy. She did a great job creating it!
Bing Bong (from Inside Out) Wow! So much talent! I want to make them all!
Disgust (from Inside Out) I don't remember this character, but now I have to rewatch the movie.
Fear (from Inside Out)
Sadness (from Inside Out)
Riley (from Inside Out) The lady who designed these beautiful patterns is very talented. She has a link for donations if you like her patterns. They are officially not for sale, but she depends on sales of her patterns. Here is her main page, where you can see all her designs. Enjoy! Thanks Sabrina for the wonderful designs.

Baby and Me Socks - Simple Stockingette - this is originally Dutch, but the translation is below the original.
Textured Tootsies 

Everyday Market Bag
Crochet Tote Bag
Uptown Knitted Tote
Light Weight Shopping Bag - I want to make several of these. I think they would be good for shopping at Aldi.
Easy Mesh Market Bag
Vote Tote Bag
Reggae Inspired Bag
Shopping Card Bag
Crochet Fat Bag
Easy Market Bag
30 Minute Knit Purse (good for those large dump bags....help to sort things better)
Mesh Knit Market Bag
Owl Pouch - so cute.

Gift Bag
Crochet Poinsettia - For people who have little children, cats and dogs. This way you can have a pretty flower, but they are safe.
Dog Poop Ornament - For the Dog Lover(s)
Snowboard Accident Santa aka splat Santa
Crochet Snowman Family
Mr and Mrs Snowman
Snowman Dishcloth
Snowman Mug Hug

Two Needle Fingerless Mitts
Winter Sky Mittens
Thumbs Up Fingerless Gloves
Adeline Fingerless Mitts
Simply Easy Mittens

Gin and Tonic Hat
Reversible Crochet Briochet
Purple People Eater Hat - Kids. It is a really fun hat.
Flapper Hat
Teen Cabled Hat

Just For Fun:
Survival Key Chain
Gratitude Stones
Crocheted Cozies to End Swearing (or Smoking)
Crochet Skull Tablet Case
Rainbow Trout Bookmark
Tea Cup Bookmark
Cactus Pin Cushion great present for someone who sews.
Springtime Pansies

Moogly's Wiggle Crochet Trivet and Dishcloth 

Stash Buster Socks - quick knit
Best Sock Pattern 

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