06 April 2016


Last week, the majority of schools were on spring break. My husband was off work for a few days and we took the girls to COSI. We have a membership. It is a good place to explore and learn and have fun. There is the Adventure cave, where you have to find clues to find more clues so that you can find the "treasure." I took the girls there the last time and they loved it. This time they enjoyed it, too, but it was so much more crowded than the last time. But we still had a good time. The lady who did the chemistry show was fabulous! She did such a great job and it was good to have a woman doing the show. The girls have seen this show many times and they always want to go, it is usually a man running the show.

And, let's not forget Gadgets Cafe! So much to do through this whole place. The kids had fun and they love the idea of having a membership so that we can visit as often as we would like.

Membership for a family is $169 and worth every penny. They don't have a parking pass, you have pay to park, but the amount is not that bad ($4) for one time visit.

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