08 April 2016

Cincinnati Zoo

Like I mentioned before, we live between 2 zoos. The other zoo is in Cincinnati, OH and is smaller than the Columbus Zoo. It is landlocked and started buying land across streets to use as parking lots and turning the old parking lots into more spaces to house animals. This year they will be bringing back the Nile Hippopotamus. When I was a child, the zoo had hippos. But sometime between my childhood and my youngest sister's childhood they got rid of the hippos. I grew up going to the Cincinnati Zoo, not as often as my children, but once in awhile. I have a membership to this zoo and have had one for many years. We go frequently to this zoo, but we make sure to watch our time so that we leave before people start rushing to get home. Once that happens, we usually find a place and wait it out. I have spent too much time sitting on the interstate waiting to move a few spaces forward. There is nothing like having young children who need a restroom and people won't let you over to the exit lane so you can get off and find a restroom.

In April, the zoo celebrates the blooms. It plants many bulbs for tulips and other spring flowers. It is a beautiful place in the spring. In May, they celebrate all their babies, and they have a lot of babies. The Cincinnati Zoo is known for its breeding program.

This is the male Stellar Sea Eagle and he is waiting for something, but the female is sitting on the nest as there was an egg.

They have a nocturnal house and this is right inside as you come in. I love owls.

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