06 April 2016

Columbus Zoo

We live in an interesting place...we live close enough to 2 different zoos, but coming home from one is more problematic than the other. As a result, we have a membership to the Columbus Zoo. This is in Columbus, OH. It is a very large zoo. Lots of walking and lots to see. The kids love to go to the zoos. They love learning about the animals and the chances they sometimes get to touch a snake or a lizard or a turtle or a bird. They love wondering through the zoo and listening to the docents. Having a membership means we can go and spend a few hours wondering through the zoo and then come again another day. We can come when people are not likely to be there (a school day, a work day or just a day that rain is starting and stopping). This is another place where the membership is worth every penny. You can put 2 guests on your card and you can have free parking. Columbus Zoo also allows you to name a guest. This is where they put the guests name on the pass and you can give them the pass and they can come in any time they want.

They have 2 aquariums and a reptile house and many other places to explore. If you have about 8 hours, it is a great place for a day, but if you want to break it up, get a membership and wonder different areas every time.

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