19 April 2016

10 Major Benefits of Reading!

I love to read! Have loved to read for a long time. It is something I will do even if there is a television playing. Something on TV has to catch my attention for me to ignore my book. When I was first married, my husband would sit and watch the TV and flip channels. He will watch something until he is bored with it and then flip stations on a commercial. I would be sitting with a book or crocheting or cross stitching. But usually a book. I used to have a lot of books, but when the children started coming, I stopped getting books for me and started buying for the girls. About 6 or 7 years ago, my husband bought me a Kindle for my birthday. Then a year or so later, the girls got their own Kindles, as gifts from their Aunts (godmothers) and really good friends. They love to read, too. I found many free books on Amazon for the Kindle and watch daily for free books that I know they would enjoy. They are now reading at such rates that I have a harder time keeping up with their reading and mine. They are also reading different genres. Each child has her favorite, two like cozy mysteries, the favorite being Joanne Fluke. They love the cooking mysteries. The oldest likes dystopian stories. She also likes science fiction and keeps me busy that way. But I recently saw the 10 Benefits of Reading. I think they are something that should be shared with many others.

1. Makes you more creative. 
      It opens worlds. It makes you think and wonder and start exploring other books. I remember one time I read something that made me wonder about what I had read and I started looking at other books on that topic.
2. Enhances smarts. 
      I remember one time I read that if you every day on a topic that you want to know more about, you can become an expert in that field.
3. Reduces Stress. 
      I know that when I have time to sit and read, I am a lot more relaxed and happy. Same goes for my girls. They have learned that reading can be enjoyable. I tell them that sometimes we have to read things we don't enjoy, but we can always read what we do enjoy.
4. Greater Tranquility.
      Try reading something fun sometime. It doesn't have to be a big book, just a quick article. I remember finding happiness just reading an article by Erma Bombeck. Sometimes I will go to the library and borrow a book by here, just for a laugh.
5. Improve Analytical Thinking.
6. Increase vocabulary.
      I know that at times I come across a word that I don't know, I get out my dictionary (or open an app on my phone) and look up the word. My Kindle also has availability for word wise, which shows what words mean. It is a good thing for children or teens reading older books.
7. Improve Memory. 
      I don't know if my memory is better for reading, but I know sometimes I have to read the first few paragraphs to remember that I read the book.
8. Improve Writing Skills.
      I can see that. I know that I am not the greatest writer in the world, but then I don't write for publication, I write for myself. To work through something or just to share a thought.
9. Helps prioritize goals. 
10. Develops imagination. 
      Have you ever watched children play after reading a book that sparked their imagination? I have. My girls have played some interesting games. It is fun to listen to them talk to each other and listen as they play a game or make up something.

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