10 April 2016

April, No Showers, But Snow!

Another weekend has past us by, and it was busy and windy! Visited with the grandpas (my girls grandpas, my father and father-in-law). They have a good time seeing the girls and having time with each other. Both are now widowers and talk about memories. The girls enjoy having a "day off" from school, but I have them talking to their grandpas and they have do some work in the car while I drive. Today is Reds Opening Day. That means that Cincinnati is a mess. Hate driving through there on good days, but today would not be considered good (at least for me).

My facebook has been place holding some patterns as well as my emails. Time to work on that for a bit, while the girls get some fresh air and do some work. They won't be happy to learn that they are going to an internet safety group, but I think they need to learn this!

I really like to travel throughout the US. I like to find places that I hadn't been to before and explore an area. So finding links for things like Unique OH Road Trip Weekend I have to save and one day, we just may go on this trip.

I was looking for something else and stumbled upon this:Science Saturdays with Mr. C. It is in Dayton, OH and only once a month. I have to keep this in mind for future times.

One day, I took the girls to a program on internet safety. The man who used to work for FBI and Lebanon Police taught the program and recommended Glary Soft program for cleaning up your computer. He said it is free and does a really good job keeping your computer safe.

Hexagon Afghan
Lion Brand Color Block Afghan - free pattern, but you have to sign up for their site.
Lion Brand Overlapping Squares Afghan
Chevron Stripes Story Throw

Soren the Barn Owl
Little Crochet Bird
Hungry Monsters 

Fairy Blossom Booties - I am just saving this for when someone, who likes handmade gifts is going to have a baby girl.

Santa Claus Dish Cloth

Crochet Roses Tutorial
Irish Double Layer Flower Tutorial

Cartridge Rib Fingerless Gloves
Flying Pig Mittens - color work. I live in the area that hosts the Flying Pig Marathon...sometimes it is a bit chilly and sometimes it is perfect running weather. I also have 2 sisters-in-law that have run in this. I wonder if they would like this, but then I am uncertain. I do have a friend who ran this also and I know she would love these and wear them with pride.

Rainbow Sun Hat Something the girls and I need. The curse of fair skin.
Camo Crochet Hats
Kickoff Hat
Cubist Short Row Beanie
Simple Slouch Hat - link to pattern on site.
No Hat Hair Hat
V Puff Stitch Slouch Hat

1 hour projects
20 Reindeer Patterns
10 Easter Baskets - yeah, I saved these links and then never even looked at them. I didn't have time

Prayer Squares:
Prayer Squares
Pocket Prayer Square

Old Flames Scarf
Candle Flame Scarf
Chevron Lace Scarf
Easy Leaves Lace Scarf
Lemon Curd Scarf
April Scarf

Soccasins link on the page to download the pattern. I love the colored version.
Team Spirit Slipper Sock - you have to read through the page to find a pdf link for the pattern.

Tulip Socks
Anastasia Socks

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