13 March 2016

Weekend and Activities

Weekend is finally here, but there is no rest for the wicked. We having writing club today for my children and church and this is time change weekend, so we will go to church on Saturday instead of on Sunday because it is hard enough to get them up on Sunday, who needs the loss of an hour to make it harder. We will also be attending a concert tomorrow. I love being able to take the girls to concerts. They get to hear some wonderful music and if my nieces are performing it is even better! They get to see how talented and wonderful they are and we get to support the girls.

I keep saving patterns for toys, partially because I love making toys. I think they are fun. But I have to get used to the idea that my children are growing up and toys are not part of their wants so much any more, or the toys are more high tech than something I can make with yarn and needles/hook.

Yesterday, on the news they had a story about how to get things finished. Set your goals smaller so that you feel that you are accomplishing something. Given that I have so much to do and can't do it everywhere I go, for instance, I have books that I want to read, but can't read and drive at the same time. My time to work on things goes down. I turn on a computer and get up to do something, like cook, or dishes, or laundry, etc, and come back and someone else is on the computer. So smaller goals, might just help. So instead of 50 a day on emptying the email, whatever I can accomplish. I had a goal of at least 20 recipes a day for my mom's blog, but I think whatever I can get to. Same goes for the knitting and crochet items that I need to finish. I really need to finish things. I have too many WIPs.

Spiral Crochet Afghan
Drop in the Pond
Medallion Afghan
Crazy Ripple Afghan

Rocky Raccoon
Dotty the Fawn
Mrs. Nutterson
Francis the Fox

Baby Uggs

Amazing Grace Tote
Moroccan Market Tote

Birch Bark Basket

Santa Ornament
Santa Tag
Mini Santa
Christmas Tissue Cozy - this is something I could use year round....we used a lot of tissues this year, so far.
Mushroom Ornaments they are kinda cute.
Crocheted Wreath for Christmas
Crochet Scrooge
Lily the Christmas Elf
Christmas Cottage

Mini Easter Basket

Zig Zag Mittens
Doug Fir Mittens

Quick Pink Knit Hat
Peaks Cables Hat
Fan Lace Hat
Half and Half Slouch
Avery Slouch
Rainbow Hat for Child

Just for Fun:
Peeking Cat Butt Coaster
Happy Flowers
Police Line Do Not Cross Scarf

Lydia's Lily Pad Dish Cloth
Dutch Sky Pot Holders
Lacy Butterfly Dish Cloth

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