26 March 2016

Another Week Finished

Another week has gone by and I haven't looked at this blog, only at my mom's recipe blog. I added some more recipes to her blog. Friday, is grocery shopping day and since the Lebanon Kroger has become so bad at keeping items stocked, I will have to go to another store. This means shopping at more than one place. This makes for a very long day. This week, I did start teaching my youngest how to purl. She has been practicing her knitting for awhile and finished a scarf and has been making blocks for an afghan that she wants to make for herself. I had bought several skeins of kitchen cotton from the store (big sale...97 cents vs 2 dollars). I explained to her that learning new techniques on dish cloths was a good way to go, because if you mess up on it, it won't matter, it will still clean the dishes. I have also been trying to read more, but that comes and goes according to what I have to get finished.

As we head into the middle of March, it seems strange to have Christmas items on the patterns list, but in truth anyone making gifts for Christmas actually starts collecting the patterns and making things back in January. I do know that my list has decreased a lot and I don't intend to add anyone to fill in the gaps, especially since one person put in print on her blog (that you can still find if you know how) that she hates what I make and throws it away as she walks out of the parents house. My mom won't be replaced, because there is no replacement, but she also didn't like the things I made, she stuffed them in the bottoms of boxes and backs of drawers. Instead, I will continue to make for my kids, my friends and husband. My mother-in-law loved getting things. I made her two prayer shawls, she would keep them on her all the time. When she passed, my sisters-in-law each took one, to remember her by.

Alternative Gardening Ideas:
Hay Bale Gardening

Dumbo Octopus

Setting Sunset or DROPS 99-31
Crochet Hexagon
Prairie Afghan
Galaxy Afghan
Always Pointing North Blanket

Owl Stuffy
Crochet Finger Puppets Goes with the Castle
Whimsical Castle
Rainbow Crochet Unicorn
Caped Crusader Doll

Lemon Drops Baby Booties
Crocodile Stitch Booties

Grab N Go Bag
Large and Medium Bags
Crochet Crocodile Clutch
Crocodile Stitch Beach Bag - this is on Crochet Crowd and Mikey does an awesome tutorial.
Owl Pouch

Foxy Yarn Basket

Cat Toy
Cat Bed

Mr and Mrs Snowman
Crochet Christmas Trees
Simple Stripe Santa Stockings
Crochet Nativity
Elf Stocking Ornament
Pinwheel Garland
Angel Ornament
Huggable Happy Colors Penguin
Crochet Heart Ornament
Crochet Frosty Snowman
Holly Stocking
Angel Tree Topper
Festive Bird Ornament
Christmas Tissue Box Cover
Reindeer Ornament
Cute Crochet Santa Ornament
Cute Kitty Ornament
Crochet Penguin Ornament
Crochet Christmas Wreath

Water Lily Dish Cloth
Dishcloth Overflow Blog What is this? This is from a group that makes dish cloths monthly as a KAL/CAL. Some of these are dishcloths I had not seen before and I want to try them. Great way to break them up.

Panorama Egg I remember years ago getting sugar eggs with panorama in them. Loved getting these as gifts at Easter. But one out of crochet could be even better.
Monster Egg - I always have problems with the eggs not staying closed, these are so adorable.
How to Make a Palm Cross I made these last year with the girls. I want to do that again this year....always a good thing to save.
Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs
Peep Houses
Bunny Basket
Crochet Spring Bunny

Wagon Wheel Flower with a tutorial
Flower Cup Holder Liner
5 Petal Flower
Crocodile Stitch Flower

Fox in the Snow Mittens colorwork!
Fair Isle Gloves

All American Golf Club Covers

Random Factor Hat
Sandy Winter Cable Hat another with tutorial
Popstar Slouch Hat
Spinning Summer Slouch Hat
Shine On Sun Hat
Hadley Hat
Snowstorm Crochet Hat
Fair Isle Ear Flap Hat Fair Isle (colorwork)

Just for Fun:
Pinwheel comes with a tutorial and they use it as a piece of art. But then isn't all yarn craft art?
Crochet IPhone Cozy

Sunny Skies Hot Pad

Foxy Loxy
Caribbean Dream Scarf
Lovely Leaf Lace Scarf

Lavender Blooms Shawl

St. Patrick's Day:
Lucky Crochet Top Hat

Crocodile Stitch Tutorial is on this page

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