01 March 2016

Leap Weekend and Leap Day

This past weekend and Leap Day were gorgeous days! The weather was warm, the sun was out and we were out and about! Having children and wanting to go somewhere means having family passes and going on the Macy Sampler Weekends. Every year, Macy hosts the Macy Sampler Weekends, where families can go to different places and experience them without cost to them. They are lots of fun and the price is the best-free. I used to take my youngest sister to these events when I could. I would figure out where was available and times and take her. I even once took her to the Behringer Crawford Museum. It was much smaller and not as kid friendly. But we also went to the Taft Museum and a few other places. This weekend, my husband and I took our children to the Behringer Crawford Museum for the very first time. At first, they did not want to go and they were acting like the teens that they are or going to be. They drug their feet, but as we explored the museum, they began to have fun and enjoyed the Museum.

 One of the exhibits, is of the Ohio River Valley's River Boat History. It was fun for the girls and they loved the whole area.

We even found a friend's daughter's art work on display and sale at the Museum! 

We moved on to the Overlook. It is called that because it overlooks the city of Cincinnati,

and Covington, KY.

On Sunday, we went to the Warren County park. We were going to go to the dog park with our dog, but it was full to brimming and since she has issues with other dogs, we decided best thing to do was walk her somewhere else. My husband calls this her FB time. She loves to walk and she sniffs the whole time. It was a great day to go out and do something.

On Monday, Leap Day, the girls and I went to the Columbus Zoo. We have had a membership to the Columbus Zoo for 10 years. It is a very large zoo and to do it right takes about 8 hours. Courtesy of the membership, we can go for a few hours at a time and enjoy different sections and talk with the docents and learn different things while we are there.

This is outside the entrance to the Asia Quest. The home of Hanna the Reticulated Python.

She is approximately 20 years old and over 18 feet long. Yep, she is huge.

Red Pandas are fun to watch...but these guys were just a bit tired.
 I have loved watching the rhinos, but only because of a painting or wood cut art that I saw a few years ago...It was created by an artist, after his friend wrote back from Africa describing the animal.

We finished our visit at the Reptile House.

The girls had a good trip. We listened to Jim Dale read "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" by JK Rowling. He makes the story more fun for the girls. We also read the book and then watch the movie and discuss what was added or removed from the movie and why they would do that.

Today, the 1st of March, is a dreary, wet day, but still a good day. We accomplished some more school work and did loads of laundry and cooked a good meal (teaching girls how to use knives and cook meals is paying off...they can make more simple meals themselves).

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