27 March 2016

Easter Weekend 2016

Friday, I took the girls and we went up to the Amish area of Ohio. We went to Troyer's Home Bakery and got some sugar free pies for Easter weekend. We went to Navarre, OH to see my husband's great aunt. We went to Shearer's Factory outlet to get some pretzels, chips, etc. We went to Coblentz Chocolate Factory, yum. Then to Walnut Creek Cheese store (which is more store than just cheese). My husband questioned whether I would be able to go there by myself with just the girls. I reminded him that I had been up there a lot without him before we had been married. It was just more fun to go with him as we have found more places and things to do up there, together. I have led him places he hadn't been to before and he took me places I didn't know about. We have fun up there and the girls just go along for the ride. But this time, I demanded that they pay attention and follow directions and help us get from place to place. Their favorite place was the Chocolate Factory. They don't remember going there before, but we have taken them there a few times. It was a good trip and now today, I have to get my food stuffs ready for tomorrow and the house ready and get the gifts for the girls grandfather, cousin and one aunt. It isn't much, but it is something just for them.

I haven't worked much on the emails recently, because of just trying to get other things finished, but I do have so much more going on and can't wait for girls to have some time off from school. They want a few field trips and there are places we can go this week, that will be fun. But I think some things would be better after the other schools go back. They have so many activities coming up in the new month.

I have been reading a book that is called "365 Motivational Starters for a New Day" by Krystal Kuehn. And today's is: It's a new day to remember that light cuts through the darkest night. I have been enjoying reading these motivations for each day. Sometimes they don't fit for me at the time, but then one comes along that really makes me stop and think. That was the one for today.

Crochet Afghan Pattern

Reggae Inspired Bag

Herbaceous Mitts

Baby Jester Hat

Old Fashioned Pot Holders
Poodle Tissue Box Cover
Coffee Cup Hot Pad/Pot Holder

Stash Socks
Best Socks

At the end of the day, it is Easter evening and we had a really good day. The kids had fun with their cousin and my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and father-in-law all seemed to have a good day. Food was ready when they got here and some things didn't have left overs and others had lots of leftovers, but that is good....plenty to eat for the week while we do so many other things.

Happy Easter.

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