07 March 2016

Monday, Again

Wow! A busy weekend is over and a new week is beginning. Friday, I had to get all my shopping for the next week (usually 2, but Kroger was out of quite a few items that I needed, so I have to go back). Saturday, my husband, children and I went up to Navarre, OH to see his great aunt, girls great great aunt. What a great lady! She is so fun. She is now at a stage in her life, where she needs help with daily care and has moved into a nursing home. She has such a great attitude about being there. She compliments the staff and they constantly tell us how wonderful she is. Love visiting with her. But this weekend, we took our dog with us and the dog was not allowed in, because they need to see the paperwork on the dog, showing she is up to date on all her shots. That was okay. We had no way of knowing and she got to see all the girls and her great nephew and we brought her some more pictures (she loves pictures) and a photo calendar.
Great Aunt Flo with her great nephew.
Our dog riding in the back with the children. She is very happy.

Sunday, we started prepping our walls in the family room to paint them. We have lived in this house for 11.5 years. We started painting the hallways and bedrooms different colors. I have been slowly working on painting the other rooms. I try to do it when it is warm outside so I can open windows and try to keep the paint fumes down. My girls would like their rooms repainted, too, but I asked that I be allowed to get the other grey rooms painted first. It will be nice to get rid of the grey. It was a fight to get grey walls and carpet, but in the end, we got really good paint on the walls, in grey, and pretty good carpet, ineptly laid (we had to have them come back and fix it). But the work is beginning. I will work on it at the end of our school day. That way we get in our work and then I can work on this one day at a time.

Last week, I worked on my mom's recipes again. It is good to get more of the recipes onto her blog. I opened this blog, and put the recipes on it. It is the best way to share the recipes with my siblings and we can all have a copy. She collected recipes from everywhere. Things she liked or thought she might like or something she wanted to make. I don't know where they all came from. Some of the cards, are in the handwriting of aunts or the typing of my grandmother. Where possible I have put a picture of the recipe. Nice memory of some of those recipes. My goal is to try and get more in this week. I want to get the box back to my dad and brother. But at least the majority of recipes are already up.

As far as the emails go, well, I got it below 1500, but it has been creeping up to 1500. Time to empty the box some more. A little at a time and it will happen.

Mitered Throw
Cake Icing Afghan
Yo Yo Square

Crochet Teddy Bear
Tiny Turkey

Tiny Elf
Holiday Mice
Gift Card Ornaments

Cat Tea Cozy

Dish Cloth/Trivet:
Wiggle Trivet/ Dishcloth this is a set and is really nice looking. It is from Moogly.
Fabulous Fish
Rainbow Sherbet
Navajo Ripples
Not Your Mum's Hotpad I really like this hotpad, too.

Little Egg Monster
Lacy Cross Bookmark
Baby Bunny Amigurumi

Elowen Gloves
Emerald Green Handwarmers
Fingerless Knitted Mitts
Fox in the Snow Mittens
Winter Skies Mittens
Glover Gloves

Winter Cable Knit Hat
Spearmint Cable Hat
Spring Meadow Seed Stitch Beanie
Guacamole Comfort Beanie Dad Hat
Circus Scrap Hat
Scrap Buster Hats

Mitered Projects from Red Heart
Winter Animals Patterns

Celtic Cables Wrap
Madison Shawl

Best Sock Pattern
Business Casual Socks

St Patricks:
Kitrick the Leprechaun
Four Leaf Clover Keychain
St Patrick's Day Dish Cloths

Wedding Favor Bags

JK Rowling spreadsheets for Harry Potter I keep telling the girls to write out what they want to say and then follow the plan. This is the perfect example of what I have been telling them.

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