19 August 2013

Jungle Jim's

I took my girls to a specialty store here in Ohio, called Jungle Jim's (they were on the Shipping Wars show sometime ago). They have sections of food from all over the world. The sections are set up so you can "travel" to countries and look for foods in that region, like Haggis.

When I saw this, I had to laugh. I looked around for Radar from MASH, but he wasn't there.

My girls convinced me that they needed to try a specialty drink. So I let them pick one out and they choose Dog Drool (actually a citrusy flavored drink). They loved it and have been asking to go back to Jungle Jim's so they can pick out another. Not sure if they are going to choose Bacon, Peanut Butter and Jelly or Kitty Piddle.

Chocolates did not deter my girls.

If you ever come to Ohio or live here now, you have to take some time to check out the Jungle Jim's store.

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