18 August 2013

Kool-Aid Cake

Sometime ago, I found a recipe for a cake that had color to it. You would make a yellow or white cake and divide to add food coloring and then bake as cupcakes. You would make another cake (white or yellow) and add the colored cupcakes to the cake pan and cover with cake mix. When you cut into the cake you find all the colors.

I went to make this and discovered that my food coloring has vanished and decided to try Kool-Aid to fill in the colors. So I let the girls pick out four colors of Kool-Aid and the flavors were wonderful in the cupcakes.

I made the cakes and let them cool overnight. In the morning, I made some icing and added Grape flavored Kool-Aid and took it to church.

Vampire Cupcakes would be so much fun to make for a friend's birthday.

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