11 August 2013

Toy Patterns

I love to make toys with crochet. I haven't tried with knitting yet, but I do enjoy making toys. It seems appropriate that I have a page for toys from my email.

Crochet Dinosaur                                                         Crochtopus
Colorful Tumbles                                                         Antonio the Frog
Christmas Teddy                                                          Mermaid
Charizard Pattern                                                         Rabbit and Bear
Toy Monkey                                                                Dino the Dinosaur
Cookie, Amigurumi Girl                                             Bee Girl Amigurumi
Amy, The Amigurumi Doll                                         Nesting Dolls
Crochet Snakes                                                            Jip The Owl
Baby Elephant Crochet Pattern                                   Wendy the Owl Pattern
Amigurumi Gnome                                                     Laid Back Cat Amigurumi

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