15 August 2013

Miscellaneous Patterns

I have a lot of emails and things come in them, and I had been saving them for the past 4 years and I could not find things that I wanted to make and ended up having to search and then I would save them to my computer, and then my computer was hacked. I lost a lot of the things that I wanted to keep and so I am hoping that this way, I can get it all organized some how. Hope that you are able to enjoy the patterns as well and it helps you find what you would like to make. This page will be about things that don't really have a category.

Crochet Candy Cane Wreath                                           Peppermint Coaster
Easy Hexagon Rug                                                          Scrap Squares Rug
I Phone Crochet Cozy                                                     Crochet Kindle Cover Case - Love it
Ultimate Universal Electronics Cozy                             Skull iPad Case
iPhone iPod Purse                                                           Pen Covers
Flower Pencil Toppers                                                    Rainbow Pencil Case
Colorful Summer Beach Mat                                         Winter Flowers
Ruffled Rose Pattern                                                       Everlasting Flowers Crochet Pattern
Crochet Owl Links                                                         Wine Bottle Cozy
Free Crochet Patterns blog                                             Mosaic Cozy
Lace Waves Bookmark                                                  Golf Club Covers
Owl Stuffie Pillow                                                         Minion Pencil Case
Moogly Links to Minions                                              Owl Sachet
Moogly Link for African Flower Motif Patterns          
Pimp Your Car - Passat

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