18 August 2013

Sunday at Resurrection Lutheran Church

Today, at church we had a special guest. He painted while people did readings (7 of them) and we had special music, Arland did such a great job (so did everyone)! He created a beautiful picture that will be hanging in our sanctuary from now on!

This is how he started with first reading as: Genesis 2, how woman was created from man.
He moved on to Exodus 20 and 22, 23. The rules set forth by God.
Leviticus 19, continued the readings.
I love how he stood back to look and see what he wanted to do next.

Now as I look, at his work, I am wondering about the big blank spot at the top. I then look at what he has and think it is upside down.
He spun it around and suddenly, I am thinking, it is the story of the Good Samaritan. I look at the bulletin and notice the story, Matthew 6 and Luke 10. I tell the girls that this is the story of the Good Samaritan. He continues to paint and the picture comes to life. It was beautiful.
He added light to it and the picture will hang in the sanctuary at church.

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