18 August 2012

What's Up!

In March, the very end of the month, we put down a cat. I was adjusting to life as a two cat household. I enjoyed it very much! Life with the one missing meant I saw the other two so much more! They were less neurotic and so much more fun! But then there were breakins in the neighborhood. The boys found in possession of people's stuff were entering homes with people in them. They were stealing things that were easily portable. Bikes, phones, etc. Two days after an arrest, someone tried to break into my house! While the girls and I were in it! So my DH (darling husband) and I decided that the best option would be to get a dog. So I went in search of information. I wanted to know how much it would cost to have a dog (shots, vet visits, etc). While at the vet office getting information, they showed me a dog they had. She was wonderful. But I would not commit until my DH and daughter's had the opportunity to interact with her. She is perfect for our family.
Soon, after we got her, a cat showed up in our backyard. He is very personable, but very loud (he meows constantly). He loves the girls and was starving. With him came some heat. Lots and lots of heat. Over 100 degrees F. The girls had asked me if we "could keep him?" I said we could if I won the lottery. Before making a promise that involves lottery make sure to put the condition the big jackpot! So
during the over 100 degree weather the cat had a heat stroke. So I called the vet who agreed to take him right away! She fixed him, flea dipped him, wormed him and gave him all his shots. He became ours and I won the lottery. (All of $4....remember make sure it is known that you meant the big jackpot!) Now, I am researching snakes. I have been offered a Japanese Rat Snake, 6 years old and named Jade. Oh what next?

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