29 August 2012

Car Breakdown

Yesterday, I took my dog to the dog park so she could run. On the way home, the car started acting up and it worried me enough that I immediately went to Ford dealership, that has a Quick Lane and told them what was happening. It seems that the Alternator was in such bad shape it was trying to catch fire. Here are my thankfuls for this: 1. The Quick Lane that was open and close, so that I didn't do any damage to my car, by having to drive farther than I should have with the car. 2. My friend, Caren. When I needed to get my dog home and wake up my husband. She came to the dealership, picked the dog and I up and took us home, and bonus: had a key to my house so we could get in! 3. My mother, who lent us the money to help pay for the fixing of the car. With all the things that have broken in the past month, we are slowly going broke trying to get them fixed and get them right. So we did not have enough to fix the car. Since this is the only vehicle we have that can transport the whole family, we had to get it fixed! 4. My husband, who was very supportive in trying to get the van fixed. This is 4 days worth of grateful wrapped into 2, but I am grateful to God for putting these people into my life.


  1. I’m glad that you and your dog are safe and sound, and nothing bad happens on your way home and to the dealership. Also, good move in taking action to fix the vehicle. Since it is a family car, and your loved ones are using this vehicle on a regular basis, it is important to keep it in top condition. It will be good to take it to the mechanic for a thorough inspection. They will be able to diagnose the problem, and do some repairs and replacements if necessary.

    -Michelina Douglass

  2. Thanks, Michelina. I usually do move quickly when there is a problem with my vehicle. Right now I am driving a new car, because my DH was involved in an icy road crash that totaled his truck and he has taken the van. So we are slowly trying to get by.