26 August 2012

Positive Thinking Day 1

I keep reading how positive thinking and thanking God for all the good in our lives helps our lives to be better. So I am going to try starting my posts with something positive in my life. The biggest positives I have: my wonderful, Darling Husband! He is such a good man. He really cares about me and our daughters and he works very hard to keep a roof over our head! So Thank God for my wonderful Husband! Some man said, "At my age, I take what I can get." But I waited for God to lead me to the best man for me! That would be my husband! Other positives on the day: my daughters, my dog, my cats, my friends and my family. I am also grateful that my friend was not seriously injured in a motorcycle crash today. Another friend came home from Afghanistan, unharmed physically. My friend's babies were born and are beautiful and healthy! That is a big positive. She did an awesome job bringing 3 babies into this world all at one time! What a great mom she is! So life is good! So many positives to be grateful for! What are you grateful for? Make a list and thank God!

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