27 August 2012

Gorgeous Night

Tonight I am thankful for the beautiful night. Actually, today I am thankful for my friend Caren, who lent me her Spot Bot so I can clean some carpeted areas without hauling my huge carpet cleaner to them. Also, for her friendship. We have such a good time together. I am thankful for the guys who while working on the park on Miller Road, took time to help me catch my dog, who got away from me because I was trying to do too much again! I am thankful for tonight's beautiful night sky to help me become grounded.
I am thankful for the new cat....he has so many names. Naveen, Houdini (he likes to escape), Rotten, Doofus, Dingleberry. But he entertains me when the kids are at school and he makes me laugh at his antics. Like tonight:
Last night I am thankful that all the cats and one dog could be in one room and not fight or growl or hiss (the cats).
I am hoping that tomorrow I can work on my knitting!

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