10 May 2012

More photos of things I have completed or things I have seen

What can I say, I have been busy! Very busy! I had to make 5 pairs of fingerless mittens. 1 set for my oldest daughter for her birthday (she wears them all the time). 1 set each for teachers for teacher appreciation week. 2 sets went with my oldest (she has teachers who team teach) and 1 set each for my younger 2 girls. I also had to make a snake for my oldest for her birthday. I also let the girls tell me what they want for their birthday dinner (if during school day they get one made at home and one where they request the meals for the entire day for birthday celebration). I have learned that when it comes to family, my girl's birthdays are "inconvient" and unless I do some big picnic celebration for the family, they are unable to come up to my house to celebrate the girl's birthday. So for the girl, who is celebrating their birthday, I let them have one whole day! They choose the meals for the day, where we spend the day and what we will do. My oldest chose the Columbus Zoo for her birthday celebration. So we went up to Columbus, OH and celebrated her special day! We went to the side of the zoo we haven't spent much time in recently (we usually go up the other side and it is a very large zoo). It was a lot of fun and the girls seemed to really enjoy themselves. So here are some of the photos since the last posting: 1st: The snake!
It is loosely based on a pattern called "Sydney the Stashbusting Snake," by Mary McK. 2nd: Fingerless Mittens:
These are found on: http://creativeyarn.blogspot.com/2009/11/diagonal-eyelet-hand-warmers-free.html It is a simple pattern and they are very quick to work up!
A flamingo we were allowed to pet (aka touch), an alligator baby (again allowed to touch), Lorakeets (mating....seems that we get to see that quite a bit....animals mating)the girls were allowed to feed them, but not touch, A diver feeding the fish in the aquarium, the Komodo dragon...he was out of his cage, but then the glass to his cage was broken and wouldn't be safe for people if he were inside!
An Asian Black Swan (the guy told me they are really mean), Orangutangs, I love the faces they were making! A grey parrot from Africa (Columbus breaks their animals up by continent...Asia, Africa, Austraila, North America, etc). A leopard...by this time it was pretty hot and humid for a critter wearing a fur coat! Enjoy the photos. I had fun taking them! 3rd: The photos from the Columbus Zoo!

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