29 August 2012

Power of Positive Thinking and Lots of Prayer

As I stated in a previous post, my van broke down again. We had to get new tires and new brakes and now a new alternator. On my daily journeys I have found a vehicle that I would like to own for color alone! It is a Lime Green Jeep!
There are several reasons I want this jeep: 1. The color! It would be easy to spot in a parking place! 2. The size! It would accomodate the girls and I and the dog on our journeys. To the dog park, to the park, to the library, to the vet, to the doctor, etc. 3. My DH wouldn't drive it! Yep, that is what he said! He wouldn't drive this vehicle because of the color! So it would be mine all mine! On to the power of positive thinking and lots of prayers. He said that if we won the big lottery amount I could buy this jeep! At the same time, he can have the van for driving around or if we did win the big lottery he could get something that he wants and that will accomodate the family! Right now I have the only family vehicle (as stated before it means I have to keep this running). Oh, by the way, did I mention the color! If Ford or Toyota or Honda had this sitting on their lot and it was big enough to accomdate the family, I would definitely be interested in that too!

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