20 April 2017

Favorite Stitch

Favorite Stitch?

That is a question I encountered in my email pattern links. I like all kinds of things, but I don't really have a favorite, I have favorite things to make, not stitches. What about you?

  1. NEW! The Cable Stitch
  2. NEW! The Jacob's Ladder Stitch
  3. NEW! The Star Stitch
  4. NEW! The Granny Ripple Stitch
  5. NEW! The Crocodile Stitch - I like the video by Mikey of The Crochet Crowd best. 
  6. NEW! The Vintage Shell Stitch
  7. NEW! The Honeycomb Stitch
These are all tutorials to help you learn a new stitch. My only advice is, if you cannot learn it from these, don't stop looking. Check out books, other videos and search and ask questions, there are lots of people who will help. 

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