17 April 2017

April Emails Post #1

Easter has come and gone. We had my husband's family up (or down depending on your view of their homes). We had a cookout and we were concerned that the weather would be against us, but thank God, we had gorgeous weather and I was able to grill all the meats and potatoes and I had plenty of food and more came in. We had plenty and were able to send home with others. My sister-in-law, whose son is working in another country, has noticed that now she only has to buy food for herself, she needs a lot less. She said she had recently discovered how much he had been eating. I know what she means....I have 3 locusts (aka teens). Don't read this wrong, I love having my teens, but there are times where I buy something for a meal and turn around and find it missing. Do you have that problem, too? I have friends who hide special items in boxes that their teens won't touch! Do you have an interesting place to hide chocolate or other foods? My teen likes Mangos and I found Dried Mango at Aldi's and it doesn't last long.

I decided that since this is April, I might try to empty the emails that are dated for April and just work my way through that way. I have to figure out how to make it happen. Do you get emails with patterns or recipes that you like? How do you sort them?

Round Stained Glass Afghan
Picket Fences Lapghan
Mountain Mist Afghan - striped afghan
Spring Trellis Square
Mitered Squares Afghan
Light Spectrum Afghan
Crochet Stitch Sampler - I love this one and want to make one, using yarns from my stash.
Drop in the Pond Lap Robe
Rainbow Sherbet Afghan
Rustic Ripple Afghan
Shells in the Meadow Throw
Crochet Diamonds Throw
Mermaid Afghan
Juicy Fruit Afghan
Stained Glass Rainbow Afghan
Rainbow Chevron Afghan - very beautiful afghan
Bear Claw Throw

Colorful Caterpillar Toy
Owl Stuffy
Blue Bunny

Granny's Kitten Blanket - can be made larger to be for children or adults. This was made for a kitten.

Baby Booties Rain Boots
Micky and Minnie Baby Hats

Rainbow Dragon Bag
Rainbow Happy Fun Pouch
Hip Hobo Bag
Toy Basket
Brea Bag
Boredom Buster Bag
Ruffle Bag
Crocodile Clutch Purse
Market Bag - My sisters-in-law can use these. I may make several for them.
Drawstring Gift Bag
Sunrise Market Tote

Boot Cuffs:
Knitted Boot Cuffs
Cabled Boot Cuffs
2 Needle Boot Cuffs
Reversible Boot Cuffs

Splash of Spring Cowl
Alana Lacy Scarf
Dragonfly Scarf
Month 8 Scarf
Botanical Cowl
Arrowhead Lace Cowl
Winter Waves Chevron Cowl
Cat Hooded Scarf
Snow Bear Hooded Scarf
Checkerboard Lace Scarf
Gallatin Scarf - one of my absolute favorites.

Mad Men Mittens

Pop Star Slouch Hat
Newsboy Slouch Hat
Very Hungry Caterpillar Hat - for toddlers
Little Lady Bug Beanie - for toddlers
Bright Stripes Baby Hats
Peaks Cable Hat
Camo Crochet Hats
Terzetto Hats
Colorwork Recipe
Basic Ribbed Knit Hat
Spring Hat
Entrelac Baby Hat
Starbucks Mandala Hat
Chihuahua Beanie Hat
Ripple of Kindness Hat
Cladach Hat
Scrapbuster Hats
Sponge Bob Square Pants Hat
Anthro Inspired Hats

Garden Boy Dishcloth
Easy Keyboard Duster
Monkey Crochet Potholders

Bahama Warmth Capelet
Flower Triangle Shawl
Paris Shawl
Stella Luna Lace Shawl
Triangle Shawl

Crazy Monster Eye Slippers - These are so fun...I would wear them and so would my girls.
Random Tracks Socks
Knee High Socks

Spa Things:
Hot Pack Rice Bag
Sleepy Owl Mask

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