02 April 2017

April, Finally

April has finally arrived and with it, came my new dishwasher! Yes, I am so excited over this as we have saved for this item and I thought for sure we wouldn't get it again this year. It seems that every year, since the old dishwasher broke (front panel used for controls damaged by water getting into it), another item broke and we had to decide what to fix or replace, the dishwasher or the other item. The dishwasher lost since I was perfectly capable of washing the dishes by hand. I was washing dishes approximately 8 times a day! That is a lot of dishes and I was getting tired of it. I would offer choices to people...1. Wash dishes or 2. Fold laundry, collect dog poo, clean litter boxes, carry laundry upstairs, carry baskets (full or empty) down, sort the laundry, etc and they always chose option 2! No more, today, I have a dishwasher and I will use it tonight for the first time in about 5 years! I am not saying this so you feel sorry for me just so you know, that I now have more time to knit, crochet, cross stitch and read. I will also try to find more time to empty the email. What is your happiness for the month of April?

Soft Wave Chevron Throw
Woodsy Chic Triangle Lapghan
Arizona Sunset Throw
Autumn Spice Stripes
Patchwork Afghan

Sundance Beach Bag
Summer Beach Bag

Boot Cuffs:
2 Needle Boot Cuffs

Naturally Southern Scarf
Wave Stitch Scarf
Pink Hope Scarf
Eggnog Crochet Cowl

Crochet Crowd Easter Projects

Falling Leaves Beanie
Lollipop Beanie
Rib Braid Headband
I Feel Pretty Hat
Shelby's Slouchy Hat
Puff Stitch Newsboy

Easy Fingerless Gloves
Cabled Fingerless Gloves

Just for Fun:
Spiral Dream Catcher (there are 2 parts, but they are beautiful).
Nifty Needle Case

Bikini Dishcloth

Emerald Lace Wrap
Mini Mochi Flower Garden Shawl
Fall Sparkles Crochet Shawl
Cinnamon Fling Wrap
Butterfly Fling Wrap
Paper Dolls Shawlette
Zig Zag Wrap
Extended Ripple Wrap

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