23 April 2017

April and Kings Island

My teens stated at Christmas time that they wanted to go to Kings Island again and wanted passes so we could go frequently. Okay, that works, we will get passes and go to Kings Island all summer, fall and winter of 2017! I love that they have decided that Kings Island has decided to be open in the winter again. I never got to go when they did that years and years ago. They also have a new thing...you can pay $30 and have a bottle that you can fill with drinks all summer, fall, and winter long! We weren't sure, thought we would have to pay for the bottle, but was still a deal. I found out that you pay for the bottle and you get the drinks. Hey, that works! So we (the teens and I) got our bottles on Friday night and began walking the park and they would ride rides.

The night that we decided to go, was the night that there were problems with the electric and the rides. Many rides failed (one while we were on it) and the bathrooms were pitch black. On the plus side, we have passes and live close by and can come every day that they are open! Also, on the plus side, I walked 10,000 steps that day. I usually get pretty close, but there are days where my phone is not on me and I don't always show that I walked that much. 

Also, I bought a lead for my dog so she could be tied out front. She is happy....there are critters out front that she can chase and she can play in the flowers. 

Happy April! 

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