18 April 2017

April Emails Post #2

Another day more emails. I am motivated and as long as I have one computer to use for a little while, I plan on doing some work emptying and sorting. I did notice that the last few nights, I have been unable to sleep well. Last night it was because I had grilled out again and someone else was burning and the smell kept me awake. I may need a nap to get through the day and stay up to work on other things competently, but we will see what the day brings.

I forgot that I had saved some other little things to my FB page, as well. The one I am most interested in is the Famous Book for every US State. I own some of these books already, but I think that next year, I might try to read all those books (even borrowing from our local libraries). I will see if I can get the girls to read them, too.

I found a great article that shows how knitting and/or crochet help girls with math.

I also discovered a place where I can track books I read, a little more than others...It is called BookLites.

I also have parks that are in Ohio and that are considered under-appreciated. I love taking the girls to parks to explore and see what we can learn. I have an expedition to plan! I also found where a city in Ohio has a "Potterfest" every year. That sounds like so much fun! It is near the Kent State University. This year they are going to have a 5K "Run Like You Stole From Gringotts."

Also, I am not a big drinker of alcoholic drinks, but every now and then I stumble across one that I would love to try....Bunny Shots in one.

Ocean Waves from the Crochet Crowd. Great site with fabulous tutorials. Check them out!
Spider Stitch Afghan
Many Mitered Baby Blanket

Stip en Haak lots of free patterns in German and English.
Rainbow Teddy Bear

Bohemian Baby Bib

Chroma Bag
CAL Granny Tote
Mesh Knit Market Bag
Wild Strawberries Market Bag
Slant Pocket Bag
Boredom Buster Bag

2014 Mystery CAL from The Crochet Crowd - giraffe (perfect for all those who were watching April)
2015 Mystery CAL Afghan
2015 Mystery CAL Afghan - Amigurumi
Mike the Monster
Scarf CAL

Gallatin Scarf - I really need to make this one.
Seashells Scarf

Balmy Breezes Hat
Meagan's Rainbow Hat
Arctic Sunset Cable Hat

Praying Hands Dishcloth
Angel of Welcome Dishcloth
Blooming Flower Dishcloths
Aunt May Dishcloth
Follow the Yellow Knit Road Dishcloth
Angel of Welcome Dishcloth
Tea Cup Pot Holder
Fruity Trivets and Pot Holders

Angel Shawl
Southern Sky Shawl
Peaches and Cream Lacy Shawlette
Allegro Shawl
Amazing Mitered Shawl - Love this shawl, too.
Belize Wrap

Peppermintoes Socks
Alpha Socks
Tulip Socks

Spa Kits:
Knit Spa Kit
Crochet Spa Kit

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