02 April 2017

"A HIgh End Finish: A Fixer Upper Mystery #1"

by Kate Carlisle

We just recently got cable back, mostly for sports and Hallmark Channel. We keep the channels mostly on Hallmark and sports channels. I watched a movie on the Hallmark Movie Channel, "A Fixer Upper Mystery," with Jewel. It was okay, but I knew that the book series was on my "To Read" list, because of the author. So I moved her book up the list and started reading. The book is fabulous. I cannot say enough about how it has been hard to put down at night (reading in bed) and I have wanted to read it all day long (not something that is possible). The movie does not do the book justice. Too many things are wrong and make me not want to watch the other movies that they make.

Let's get to it, Shannon Hammer (not Hughes) is a contractor, who returned to her hometown to take over her dad's business when he got ill. She does the same work as the guys on her crew and her specialty is Victorian Houses and she has a passion for Craftsman. The setting is a small town in California and set along the Pacific Ocean. Shannon is set up on a blind date by one of her friends, Lizzie, and the locals have a bet at the local pub as to how the date will end...knee in his groin or passionate night. After the dinner, her date pays the tab and they take a walk along the beach, but when she is ready to go home, he starts to force himself on her and they struggle, with her kicking him in the leg. She prefers her work boots to dressy high heels and takes pride in the work she and her "guys" do on the houses. She also has started renting small rooms above her garage to tourists and prepares a room for someone that the whole town dislikes.

Her blind date is found by her, dead in a client's home, with her pink wrench as the weapon. Her tourist tenant is found dead in front of her driveway, with her pink screwdriver in his neck. Once she has been found to be innocent (alibi for one and victim in her own right), the chief is trying to keep her safe and find the murderer before someone else ends up dead.

Shannon has wild, curly red hair unlike Jewel and her blonde tresses. She wears work boots, not dress boots. Mac (a famous author, who moves into the other apartment, while his house is fixed) is a strong, competent man who rescues her after a bike accident and is a former Navy Seal (unlike in the movie character is an investigative reporter).

Another case of the book is better than the movie. I really do recommend this book. Enjoy.

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