10 October 2016

Columbus Day

When I was a kid, we celebrated Columbus Day with a day off from school and then the week after was looking at how Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue to find a new route to India to get all the spices and things that kings and royalty wanted. Now, it is viewed as oppressor day. Not fun for kids growing up. Some places still give workers a holiday for the day, but many schools refuse to release the kids for a day off. I homeschool, but we take few days off and continue to study and learn every day. I insist that my girls read a book, for an hour every day, not just during the week. I don't care what they read, as long as they are reading. I want them to enjoy reading and have fun with the learning. I make lists of things I want them to see and look at and then I request that they read some or all of the list that I have made. I also try to get them into different things that make them want to learn more about something. I want them to try new things and learn what they can. I won't ever tell them that they aren't smart enough to learn something. I will say that maybe this is not your strength, but you can still learn it, let's figure out how you learn this thing. Why? Because not everyone learns the same way, some learn one way, others learn another way. You just have to find your way to learn and have fun along the way. That is partially why I learn something new with knitting or crochet. I let them see me try something, fuss with it and get frustrated, put it down and walk away and then come back. Then see the celebration of "I learned it!" I want them to know that everyone has trouble with things at times. It is only when we refuse to give up that we learn something and can celebrate.

I keep looking at the pattern links that I have in my email. Some are about 2 1/2 years old, but still available and some are newer. I look at the pattern and decide is this something I want to make or not, is this something that I want to learn? I work to figure things out in knitting and crochet and I have fun along the way.

Seascape Lace Knit Blanket
Mountain Mists Afghan
Emoji Afghan - this uses graphs and at some point, I will need to learn this, also.
Crossword Puzzle Afghan - It makes me wonder if there is a Sudoku afghan yet and if not, I think I might have to work on that.
Brown and Gray Lapghan
Lasting Impression Lapghan
Rubik Cube Throw 
Kaleidosquares Crochet Afghan
Rich Mitered Crochet Throw
Cotton Field Throw
Amish Bars Throw 
Amish Multi Color Throw
Country Charm Crochet Blanket
Homey Crochet Throw

Christmas Critter Green Tree Frog
Santa's Favorite Afghan
Cool Yuletide Squares Blanket

Maureen Scarf
Steppe Cowl
Phoebe Smocked Cowl
Three Two One Cowl
Dragon Wing Cowl
Brownstone Scarf perfect for men.

Pot Scrubber Tutorial
Flowerburst Dishcloth

Modern Beanie
Lady's Entrelac Hat
Feathered Arrow Headband
DIY Braided Headband

Periodic Table Battleship
Electoral College - for those who are using this Presidential Election year for lessons.

Just for Fun/Flowers:
Spiral Flower

Flower Scrubby Dishcloth
Scrubby Dishcloth

Magical Multicolored Wrap
Top Down Shawl
Easy Cranberry Shawl
Southern Sky Shawl
Across the Galaxy Shawl
Irish Crochet Shawl
Paris Shawl
Sapphire Satin Shawl
Oversized Shawl
Sideways Shawl
Lucy's Favorite Shawl
So Simple Shawl

Beginner Knit Sock
Gingko Sock toe up (another skill I want to learn).
Traditional Fair Isle Slippers
Geranium Knitted Slippers
Wintermint Sock Trio - for a woman's foot.
Hi Instep Toe Up Socks
Basic Baby Booties - for moms.

Little Bigfoot Monkey
1 Piece Teddy Bear

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