30 October 2016

Christmas Gifts for Girls

Christmas is not my favorite holiday, because of the expectation to go shopping and spending lots of money on things that people really don't want or need. So the go to gift ends up being money, because people just don't want to get to know people or they know that the gift is unwanted, unwelcome, unloved. I do on the other hand love my girls and I explained to them that I would rather buy them what they want or need at the time, rather than say, oh, just wait for Christmas or your birthday. They also love hand made gifts (Yep, I raised them right). They like simple gifts....art supplies, yarn and needles, and books! Lots and lots of books. They love to read. They like to pick out their own clothing and they are grateful for gifts they are given, holding onto them for years and years. There are some others who are like these wonderful girls and they love their hand made gifts, too. One day, I might be a grandmother and there will be little ones going through yarns and patterns and asking for things, so I will continue to save these wonderful patterns.

  1. Pretty Ruffle Dress for Girls
  2. Caterpillar Cuddle Buddy So cute!
  3. Two-Hour Toddler Flower Beanie
  4. Amazing Animal Mittens Must-make
  5. Eloise's Favorite Stylish Sweater
  6. Rainbow Fish Game Something for you to play together
  7. Abby's Dolly & Me Poncho
  8. Frozen Snowman Hat Love this!
  9. Clever Sock Monkey Blanket
  10. 27 Crochet Dolls She'll A D O R E - lots of links for things to make for a little girl....dolls, clothing for dolls. 
  11. Pretty Little Purse 
  12. Crochet Prince and Princess 
  13. Amigurumi Mama Santa 
  14. Crochet Reindeer Pouch 
  15. Crochet Snowman Ear Muff Hat and Cocoon 

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