28 October 2016

Birthdays, Halloween and Fall

On the 15th of October, we remember my husband's uncle. 2 years ago, he passed away and we were all shocked. On the 16th of October, we would have been celebrating his anniversary, to my husband's aunt. Also, we celebrate many birthdays on the 16th of friends and family. The rest of the month flies with parties and birthdays. Then we get into November and the birthdays continue.

To celebrate my husband, we had a cookout for him, inviting his dad, brother, and my father. All of them love home cooked meals, but seem to not get them as much as they did when the moms were alive. Last month, we took a lot of food, already cooked, down to my fil's house for his birthday. He loved it. The girls and I had been taking the dads out for lunch every couple of weeks, but trying to bring home cooked meals 50 miles, is just ridiculous. When I know that my fil and bil are coming, I make sure I have a ton of food sitting out, because they will eat as soon as they walk in the door. They ate until they were full and then my fil thanked me for the meal and then they left. He is very much a homebody and likes to stay closer to home. My dad likes the home cooked meals and mentioned to me that he and my brother eat out a lot, mostly to avoid dishes. I think, in the future, we will have to start having meals with the dads once a month, where we invite them up for a full meal, made from scratch.

Halloween is coming and my girls have been having fun decorating the house and the yard. We get something every now and then and the put it out with the other things we have.

We had 2 full days of rain and the cold has finally shown up. It is a great time to make afghans. I need to sit and finish an afghan and get it out the door. It should have gone out last year, but last year was just a really bad time. Also, it is all white and as the afghan grows it does not travel well. It is not something I can work on and haul around. It becomes an item that can only be worked on at home and I don't spend that much time at home. I like getting out of the house and doing things. I am working on a lot of smaller items that are easy to transport and I have to finish my husband's scarf. I know that he will wear it all over the place. He likes hand knits. He is a great man and I am very lucky to have him, so are our girls.

Watercolor Granny
Irish Wave Baby Blanket
Tropighana Crochet Blanket
Treasure Island Throw
Happy to Help Afghan
Crazy Ripple Blanket
35 Squares
Magical Mist Crochet Throw
Crochet Crazy Quilt
August Moon Baby Blanket
I Love Color Afghan
Celtic Weave Blanket
Bernat Star Afghan
Fall Romance Throw
Turquoise Mosaic Throw
Spooky Cute Crochet Throw
Cherry Wine Afghan
Floral Motif Afghan
Rainbow Tunisian Crochet Baby Blanket
Brighton Blanket
Magnolia Afghan

Let The Eat Cake - cake for those who can't have it.
Tiny Pencils
Tiny Lalylala
Crochet Olive Octopus Puzzle
Girl Gang Dolls - animal dolls
Squirrel Key Chain

Chinese Waves
Entrelac Messenger Bag
Lifeline Pocket Purse
Purple Purse

Links for Christmas
Christmas Pudding Dishcloth

Pattern Island Lace Scarf
Haula Cowl
Shiplap Cowl
Crochet Bandito Cowl
Monster Tooth Scarf
Ombre Cowl
Linen Stitch Colorblock Wrap
Vanilla Scarf
To Infinity and Beyond - can be done in autumnal colors.
Rio Scarf
Black and White Color Block Infinity Scarf
Jefferson Scarf
Cozy Ribbed Cowl
Phoebe Smocked Cowl
Jeanette Cowl
Falling Water Cowl
Paradiso Cowl

Gryffindor Hat
Diagonal Shell Slouch Beanie
Shiplap Slouch
Turquoise Mandala Slouch Hat
Frog Hat - Cute for little boys
Cable Crush Winter Hat
Burgandy Breeze Cable Hat
School Yard Hat
Toddler Girls Cat Ear Hat
Mayuri's Crochet Beanie

Just for Fun:
Croshades....the Yarn Bombing Accessory! No explanation here, just fun.
Crochet Bible Cover or Case - this is a great way to carry your Bible with you.
Project Maple Leaf - Diva Dan of The Crochet Crowd is working on an ambitious project for Canada's 150th birthday. He asked viewers/readers of The Crochet Crowd to help him make Maple Leaves for his project. If you can help, go to the link and make a few and send them on to Diva Dan.
Crochet Flowers Wedding Bouquet
Fall Maple Leaves

Asymmetrical Shawl
Oversized Shawl - made with mitred squares.
Shawl Knitted Sideways
Scalloped V Stitch Shawl
Spring Blooms Crochet Shawl
Silver Semi Circular Shawl
Falling Leaves Shawl - Lace....very pretty.
Wrap and Go Shawl
Across the Galaxy Shawl
Summer Morning Shawl
Silver Semi Circle Shawl - very pretty. I really want to try and make this.
Love Triangle Shawl

Mock Cable Socks
Toe Up Gingko Socks
Knitting Basket Weave Socks

Summer Mesh Top
Spring Morning Baby Cardigan

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