24 October 2016

Christmas Gifts and Decorations to Make

Before my mother passed, I loved to make gifts for my family. I loved my family and wanted to share the love I felt for them by making things that they could enjoy. I made dishcloths, I made afghans, hats, scarves, etc. After my mom passed, I learned that she had shoved the things I made into a box and backs of drawers and they were never used. My youngest sister wrote how much she hated what I made and how useless it was and that she wished I would make things she liked and/or wanted. My heart broke and I stopped making things. This year, my wonderful nephew, requested socks. We picked out the yarn (and yeah, I started them and I work on them when I can) and I looked at all the things that I had started and not finished. I began working on the WIPs (works in progress) and decided I needed to finish. I also sorted things into portable and non-portable. Socks are both, but I don't work on them where they can be harmed or lose stitches (small, tiny stitches). In my email, there are tons of links for Christmas decorations and presents and courtesy of my wonderful nephew, I was reminded that there are people who like the homemade gifts and I need to make just for them. I will continue to save these links, because my children love the things I make and they love getting things all year long and they love to decorate for Holidays....Christmas included. So I will make for those I love and give only to those who know the effort and love that go into things that I make, for the rest, I will ignore them or give them money (aka gift cards) since that is what matters to them, not love.

  1. Folksy Tiny Tree Christmas Ornament
  2. Lightning-Fast Cowl 
  3. Snow Man Gift Card Cozy 
  4. Ravishing Ruby Pillow - Dutch with Translation
  5. The Perfect Gift for the Hostess - free Ravelry download 
  6. By the Fireplace Cowl 
  7. Unexpected Santa Claus Dishtowel  
  8. Candy Cane Knit Cowl - for children. It is a great idea instead of scarves. 
  9. Vintage Knit Christmas Stocking  
  10. Basic Baby Gilet - a vest for a baby girl
  11. Holiday Squares Blanket  
  1. Christmas Morning Pine Tree Afghan - original in Finnish, lower is English
  2. Easy Stocking Stuffer Lace Scrunchie 
  3. Partridge in a Pear Tree Ornaments  
  4. Grandma's Favorite Holiday Afghan 
BONUS! Holly Jolly Holiday Decor
  1. Tiny Treasures Stocking - cute little item for putting lipsticks, lip balms, etc for girls. 
  2. Full of Joy Pillow  
  3. 15 Easy Festive Projects - Halloween comes up...may have to check it afterwards. 
  4. Quick 'n Easy Christmas Decoration 
  5. Yarnie Ornament  
  6. Whimsical Tabletop Tree 
Christmas Stockings....I love the idea of making the girls their own stockings. 

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