23 December 2015

Homeschool Links

I have been saving links for Homeschooling for awhile now because you never know what you will need when you need it. I know that I have been movies and educational shows more because of the illness. Hard to focus and do good work or talk when you are coughing. So we had been supplementing. But I found earlier where there are things that you can use to match up with books, movies, and tv shows.

25 Links for Homeschooling
Little Free Library - These are little boxes scattered across the country to make books available to people who cannot get to a real building.
Maps of the US - different way to look at the US through maps.

Science - Wind doesn't blow, but pull
Science - 6 simple experiments

Library - Questions asked of Librarians before Internet

Art - How to Make Snowflakes

Math - How learning changes one's brain

More Idiocy from State of OH Senator

Things she should be thinking about....
    1. Change CPS (Child Protective Services). Those poor people are severely overworked and that makes it hard for them to get to all the children they have to investigate. Just to give an idea...If you have to home visit each child, how many can you see in one day? Remember you will be going from house to house. Don't forget there are probably times they have shown up and the people are not there. How do you visit then? You keep coming back. Teachers, are limited to 30 students (in our district) per class. They actually try to keep it lower than that, but they are limited to 30 at a time. How can you expect CPS workers to have a much larger group when they have to go from home to home? How long do they have to spend in each house and how often do they have to have a police officer(s) with them? Lighten their load. Make it possible for there to be more workers so that they are able to keep up with most endangered kids.
     2. Right now, if a child and their parent(s) move from one place to another (aka one county to another) their file does not follow. That should change, especially those that are deemed the most in danger (those who have a parent with a non-parent in the home). Isn't that what has been found to be the worst? I know that a poor baby in Butler County was murdered by the boyfriend (not the husband or father) of the mother. The child that has caused this Senator to keep wanting to make a new law was also in a home where the mother had custody and was living with a not blood related man who was not married to her. They moved county to county and the record did not follow. This allowed them to dodge the CPS workers.
     3. Do not penalize a parent for homeschooling/eschooling his/her child. They had a reason. Maybe the school was falling down on the job, like the ones in my district. Bullying was so bad that children were becoming depressed or just so stressed that they could not focus or do well in school. In some cases, the bullying pushes a child to such a deep depression that they kill themselves. That is not good for anyone. It harms the survivors more than anyone would have ever believed. Do not make it so bad for a parent to enroll their child into any school or suddenly you will find that more kids are going to disappear from the school system. Isn't that what decides who gets money? Especially from the federal government who brought us the horrible Common Core.

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