18 December 2015

More and More and More from the Email

I still have over 2300 emails to go through in my yahoo account. But I am encouraged as I got this down from the original amount of 2617! Yep, I had that many. But by removing the emails and saving the links that I really wanted and why I saved them to begin with, this is a good thing.

Afghan - Old Fashioned Evergreen Blanket
Afghan - Cozy Yuletide Squares Blanket
Afghan - Log Cabin Arrow Throw
Afghan - Festive Step Ladder Throw
Afghan - Primrose Blanket
Afghan - Seaside Stripes Blanket
Afghan - Stormy Weather Blanket
Afghan - Colorful Windchime Afghan
Afghan - Eyelet Parfait Afghan

Baby - Zoey's Baby Blanket
Baby - Fast Preemie and Baby Hats
Baby - Double Diamond Baby Blanket
Baby - Checkerboard Blanket

Bags - Hexagonal Market Bag
Bag - Melon Market Bag

Bath - Soap Sacks
Bath - Wash Cloth Hearts

Cat - Catnip Bunny Toy

Christmas - Bright Star Ornament
Christmas - Snowflake Ornament
Christmas - Fair Isle Stocking
Christmas - Partridge in a Pear Tree Ornament
Christmas - Knit Mitten Ornament
Christmas - Santa Gnome
Christmas - Minutia
Christmas - Holly Berries Afghan
Christmas - Victorian Ornaments Afghan
Christmas - Crochet Patterns Trees
Christmas - Tiny Toques Ornaments
Christmas - Even More Tiny Toques Ornaments
Christmas - Heart Ornament
Christmas - Elf Ornament
Christmas - Links for more oranments
Christmas - Bear Ornament
Christmas - Knit Candy Cane

Dishcloth - Rainbow Dishcloth
Dishcloth - Logcabin Dishcloth - this is a really fun pattern and I may have this one a few times.

Dog - Quick Dog Coat

Gloves - Knit Gloves
Gloves - Candy Striped Texting Gloves
Gloves - Rolling Thunder Gloves

Hats - Santa Hat for Kids
Hats - Fall Warmer Kit (Hat and Mitts)
Hats - Fair Isle Hat - Cerulan
Hats - Stepping Stones Beanie
Hats - Classic Hat
Hats - People Heater Hat
Hats - Cable Banded Hat
Hats - Fireball Hat and Armwarmers
Hats - Wickerwork Hat
Hats - Katherine Hat
Hats - Classic Ear Flap Hat
Hats - Crochet Slouch Beanie
Hats - Spiral Knit Hat

Mittens - Children's Mittens
Mittens - Whimsical Fox Mittens
Mittens - Simple, Easy Mittens
Mittens - Knit Mittens
Mittens - Fantastic Family Mittens
Mitts - U Turn Mitts - very cool construction
Mitts - Luscious Long Wristers
Mitts - Quick and Easy Fingerless Mitts
Mitts - One Skein Lace Mitts
Mitts - OMG Fingerless Mitts
Mitts - Adeline Fingerless Mitts

Scarf - Purple Eve's Scarf
Scarf - Leaft Scarf - very pretty
Scarf - Cable Scarf
Scarf - Lovely Leaf Lace
Scarf - Lime Lightning Linen Scarf
Scarf - Fiery Dragon Scarf

Scrubby - Fresh Peppermint Scrubby - uses the Red Heart Scrubby yarn.

Shawl - Midnight Magic Shawl
Shawl - Unforgettable Top Down Shawl
Shawl - Goddess Shawl
Shawl - Asymmetrical Shawl
Shawl - Cora Shawl
Shawl - Wrapped in Clouds Shawl
Shawl - Beloved Shawl
Shawl - Passion Summer Shawl

Slippers - Flower Slippers
Slippers - Slipper Socks
Slippers - Loafer Slippers
Slippers - Pound Puppy Slippers
Slippers - Starlight Women's Slippers
Slippers - Soccasins
Slippers - Crocodilly Mocs

Socks - Yoga Socks
Socks - Basketweave and Braid Socks
Socks - 2 Needle Lace Socks
Socks - Lotus Blossom Socks
Socks - Anastasia Socks

Square - Teddy Bear Square

Stitches - Links to Basic Crochet Stitches

Toys - Tweed Owl
Toys - Links to really cool patterns for toys - Like Stitch, Elmo, Flying Pigs, etc.

Woohoo, it is now at 2288! I know that if I continue to work on it it will finally be finished. But for now, I am excited. A little at a time and it goes down. The other thing is that I save the links from the new emails so that the count doesn't build up too much while I am working on the old ones.

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