03 December 2015

Random Acts of Kindness

I have been thinking about this for awhile. A few months ago, a friend posted that it was Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) day. That we should all go out and do a RAK and then post what we did. Then at the beginning of this month (December) someone posted a calendar for RAK. Giving a thing for people to do every day.

My first problem with this is: What about this is Random? Random means you see something and do something all on your own. No one tells you to do something or suggests an activity to do for a day, a week or a month. Random is just that, Random.

My second problem, When you do something nice (a Random Act), for another person, a person who just needs someone to do something nice. A homeless person needs a hat or gloves, or even just a really filling meal (notice I didn't say good, because a hamburger and fries from a fast food joint doesn't make me think of good, just filling). But by documenting, "Hey, look at me, I gave a homeless person a meal!" is self promoting, not just an act of kindness. They are already down, don't document how down they are, don't document that you did something. Let that act just be between you and that person and God. No one really needs to know what you did, what you spent to do that good act or who you helped.

I have a really good garbage man, who collects our trash every Thursday (except on Christmas and New Year's Day). I have had the chance to get to know him and talk with him. He noticed one day that I was having trouble walking down the drive to get my cans. It didn't help that it was icy and my ankles were really hurting and I hadn't had time to try and get them a little looser (I have severe arthritis in both ankles and it has been getting worse). He asked me about that, I told him that some days were better than others and some days are just not good at all. So on his own (I didn't ask) he started bringing my cans up the drive for me (an act of kindness that doesn't cost a cent). He is a really nice man and I grateful for his kindness. I continue to this day to take time to greet him when he comes and to wish him a good day.

It doesn't take much to do something nice for someone and you don't have to broadcast this kindness. Now, if the person who is receiving the kindness decides to tell someone, that is a different story. But I will never tell anyone what I do that is a kindness and I will encourage my children to be kind, but to also keep their kindness quiet.

Random Acts of Kindness, need to be just that, Random (not dictated by someone else's schedule) and an Act of Kindness (that doesn't require money or other things, just an act of kindness) and keep it quiet. Don't embarrass someone by telling what you did for them, just do the act of kindness and know that the people who need to know, do know.

Here is the Bible Verse that backs up what I am putting forth:

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