12 December 2015

Finally, Less than 2400 Emails

Did I mention that I had a lot of emails that I saved with pattern links of things I might want to make? I also got nasty grams from yahoo. I understand why, I just wish there were a better way to get through them. It takes such a long time to go through the emails and see what I want to save and what work, still, and which don't and just sorting, but it is significantly less than what it was. It doesn't help that I get about 100 new emails a day and I have to sort through those, too. Then I have 3 children and 1 husband who take over the computer when I move away from it to do something else, like clean, dishes, laundry, etc.

Blue and White Afghan
Rosebud Afghan
Domino Afghan
Dutch Tile Afghan
Bear Claw Throw
Bramble Cable Afghan
Log Cabin Afghan
Leaf Afghan
By the Sea Afghan
Embossed Diamonds Afghan
Carnival Afghan
Rainbow Afghan
Pussy Foot Blanket
Circles in Rectangles
Foolproof Afgan
Multicolored Throw
Ocean Crochet Afghan
Easy Afghan for Him
Country Cozy Afghan
Arctic Throw
Bear Claw Throw
Phoenix Diagonal Blanket
Honeycomb Waves Afghan
Red Cable Blanket
Stained Glass Ripple Afghan
Stripes and Waves Afghan
Zig Zag Spread
Bee Hive Afghan

Modern Baby Afghan
Panda Cotton Entrelac Hat - the hat is very pretty, but is made with Panda Cotton, not looking like a panda.
Baby Mocs
Bootie Go Bragh
Crocodile Baby Afghan
Easy Heart Baby Throw
Baby Mitts  - So very cute!

Thrifty Market Bag
Melon Pocket Bag
Market Bag
Easy Mesh Market Bag

Knit Pilot Hat
Lil Pumpkin Hat

Christmas Angel
Christmas Mouse Ornament
The "Balm" Stocking - little stocking big enough to hold a lip balm (in a tube)
Knit Elf Ornament
Christmas Tree Garland - I will need to make 3 of these for my girls, for their small trees.
Crochet Christmas Balls - there is a crochet cover for a plain (colored or white or clear) glass ball.
Crochet Angel
Santa Hat - I may have to make one of these, I have one daughter who loves to wear these hats.
Snowflake Garland
Festive Snowman Garland
Crochet Mermaid Ornament
Trio of Angels
Angel Wings and Halo - photo props for new babies.
Gingerbread Crochet Ornament
Crochet Angel Topper
Angel Bells - "It's a Wonderful Life" connection
Scrap Buster Hat - "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" likeness
Phannie Beret - "Miracle on 34th Street" likeness
Santa's Helpers Apron
Christmas Bauble

Easy Knit Summer Tank

Easter Bell
Blue Bunny
Easter Chick

Simple Crochet Ear Warmer
Cozy Winter Headband
Snood Headband
Colors of the Night Ear Warmer
Grey Slouch Beanie
Crochet Ear Warmer
North Star Hat
Montera Slouchy Hat
Easy Knit Headband/Ear Warmer
Butterfly Beanie
Hugs and Kisses Hat

Orla Mittens
Sweetheart Mittens
Line by Line Mittens
Diagonal Eyelet Hand Warmers
Wicked Knit Mittens
Diamond Leaf Fingerless Mitts

Sushi Scarf
Seashells Scarf
Winter Snowflake Scarf
Green Valley Leaf Motif
Pink and Purple Crochet Scarf
Subway Scarf
Stripes and Hearts Scarf
Fitzgerald Scarf
Flit + Float Scarf
Scarves to Throws Month 8
Checkerboard Lace Scarf

Bamboo Wedding Shawl
Flower Triangle Shawl
Aeolian Shawl
Icelandic Sunrise Shawl
Escapist Shawl
Oaklet Shawl
Mochi Plus Shell Lace Stole
Mystic Forest Shawl
Beachy Wrap
Breezy Shawl

Mary Jane Slippers
Holiday Slippers
Crocodilly Mocs

Tulip Socks
Anastasia Socks
Daffodil Socks - Baby

Sleepy Owl Toy
Crochet Owl Toy
Adorkable Monster
Baby Gators
Chocolate Bunny
Cookie Monster
Furry Monster
Seamus the Owl
Monster Chunks
Flower Power Elephants
Pomp Poodle
Moby Dick
Spring Doll
Freddy the Frog
Crabby the Crab
Butterfly Plushie
Bee Plushie

Just for Fun:
Beer Cap Hot Pad - I don't drink beer and my husband doesn't drink that much beer. I would need to find a party to get them from.

At the end of 12/7/2015 I got the number down to 2388! I will try to do a nightly total of how many I removed. I am just happy when I can see progress on the lowering of the emails.

At the end of 12/8/2015 I had 3 more emails come in with links. I was able to get the count down to 2380.

At the end of 12/9/2015 I received 5 more emails. I was able to get the count down to 2365! Yeah, progress!

At the end of 12/10/2015 I received 4 more emails with links, I was able to get the count down to 2362.
12/11/2015 I received 6 more, but I didn't work on this.
At the end of 12/12/2015 I received 6 more emails and I was able to reduce them to 2359.

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