16 December 2015

More from the Email

Yes, I am still working on cleaning out my email. I have been busy running the girls to their various activities and this means I spend a lot of time on the road and then when I am finished I have things that I have to do around the house. I am also making cookies for Christmas this year. I don't plan on giving any to certain people, and for the diabetic family, I will make some special sugar free cookies after Christmas. By then I should be able to get the items I need to make sugar - free cookies without using sugar or Splenda or things like that. I have noticed that our local Kroger has been out of items that I usually purchase and I have to go back more often than I would like. But I can handle it, but I didn't like the new manager's attitude that it was because of our location rather than order foul ups or low amounts available. I think I will be talking to the general manager and see what can be accomplished there instead. Let's start with the count (keeping in mind that it increases with new emails, but I am trying to clear those as they come in, rather than accumulating like I did with the old emails), it is 2360 (and it is Saturday). When posted (Wednesday), the count is 2314! Yay! I am slowly getting there! I also found some of my favorite designers, I remembered the pattern, but forgot their names.

I am saving this whole site, because she has so much on it that I have made and loved to make. RaAnn is very talented and I am grateful for her site Wicket Stitch Handcrafts.

Afghan - Ocean Ripple Baby Afghan
Afghan - Summer Fence Baby Blanket
Afghan - Seed Stitch Checkerboard Afghan
Afghan - Stripes and Waves Afghan
Afghan - Foolproof Crochet Afghan
Afghan - Sherbert Surprise Afghan
Afghan - In a Pinch
Afghan - Traditional Cable Knit Afghan
Afghan - Lizard Ridge - wow so pretty!
Afghan - Blue and White
Afghan - Rhythm in Cables

Baby - Seven Stripe Baby Afghan
Baby - Textured Baby Hat
Baby - Baby Cable Hat - newborns or preemies
Baby - Simple Lines Afghan
Baby - Dreamcatcher Afghan
Baby - Tiffany Lace Blanket - It can be made from small for baby to extra large for adults. Very pretty.
Baby - Block Baby Blanket
Baby - Radiating Squares Baby Blanket
Baby - Tricolor Squares Blanket

Bag - Gardening Bag
Bag- Trio Knit Bag
Bag - Hippie Purse
Bag - Hobo Bag
Bag - Beginner Tote
Bag - Lightweight Shopping Bag
Bag - Waves Tote Bag
Bag - Green Grocery Bag
Bag - Tote made from plastic bags
Bag - Shopping Bag
Bag - Market Bag
Bag - Hexagonal Market Bag
Bag - Water Bottle Bag - another that I will have to print soon. I drink a lot of water and this would be nice for when I am out with the kids.

Baskets - Stash Baskets

Beach - Mat and Bag

Bookmark - Rainbow Trout Bookmark

Christmas - Lily the Christmas Elf - another to print.

Dishcloth - Butterfly
Dishcloth - Starfish
Dishcloth - Waffle Knit
Dishcloth - Springtime
Dishcloth - Posy
Dishcloth - Flowerburst
Dishcloth - Airforce
Dishcloth - Army - I have made many of these as gifts for men I know who were in Iraq and Afghanistan and in the Army
Dishcloth - Eagle Attack
Dishcloth - Butterfly in Flight
Dishcloth - Navy Eagle - I have made some of these, also, but then I am a wife of a Navy man.
Dishcloth - Flutterby Fairy Cloth
Dishcloth - Caduceus Staff - I have people in my family who are doctors and nurses. Also, friends. Great gift. I am grateful to RaAnn for her talent in making these patterns.
Dishcloth - US Seabee
Dishcloth - Leprechaun and Pot of Gold - I made this one also and gave it as a gift.
Dishcloth - US Marines
Dishcloth - Witch in Flight - perfect for Halloween.
Dishcloth - Grim Reaper
Dishcloth - Rose
Dishcloth - Coast Guard
Dishcloths - by Emily

Easter - Peeps
Easter - Egg Cozies
Easter - Bunny
Easter - Bunny with Candy Pouch
Easter - Baskets
Easter - Egg Ornaments
Easter - Edmund the Easter Bunny
Easter - Fuzzy Lamb

Flowers - Anemone
Flowers - Asiatic Lily
Flowers - Balloon
Flowers - Calla Lily
Flowers - Carnations
Flowers - Columbine
Flowers - Daisy
Flowers - Impatiens
Flowers - Iris
Flowers - Kaffer Lily
Flowers - Moonbeam
Flowers - Orchids
Flowers - Roses

Gloves - Traveling Cable Hand Warmers

Hat - Slouchy
Hat - Bobcap
Hat - Cobblestone Cap
Hat - Lace Edge Chemo Caps
Hat - Two Feminine Chemo Caps
Hat - Ribbing and Lace Chemo Caps
Hat - Striped Chemo Hats
Hat - Headhuggers
Hat - Basic Adult Knitted Beanie
Hat - Free Striped Spiral Knit Hat
Hat - 14 Cable Hat
Hat - Super Pink Toddler Hat
Hat - Purple People Eater Hat - for kids.
Hat - Smurf Hat - for kids.
Hat - Garden Party Hat - small to large sizes
Hat - Butterfly Beret

Key Chains - Funny Crochet Charms

Kitchen - Spring Kitchen Set

Luggage Tags - will need to make these. I think the girls would like these on their luggage. My husband wants to get them their own luggage for future trips.

Mitts - Diamond Leaf Fingerless Mitts

Needle Vase - really cool way to store knitting needles

Poncho - Basic Summer Poncho

Potholder - Stir Me Up Potholder
Potholder - Easy Stripe Pot Holder

Scarf - Chevron Scarf
Scarf - Laure
Scarf - Papillon
Scarf - Oddball Scarf
Scarf - Zig Zag Scarf
Scarf - Month 11 - looks like a broomstick lace, but it is knit.
Scarf - Golden Wheat Scarf - month 9
Scarf - Art Deco Scarf
Scarf - Checkerboard Lace Scarf
Scarf - Hand Puppet Scarf
Scarf -Tomato Palindrome Scarf - very wide scarf and red.
Scarf - Grim Reaper Scarf - This could be a lot of fun.

Shawl - Greek Revival Shawl
Dragon Skin Wrap

Slippers - Scrap Yarn Crochet Slippers
Slippers - Easy Family Slippers
Slippers - Beginner Slippers
Slippers - Monster Eye Slippers - I will need to print this one soon. I think my kids would love them.

Socks - Best Sock Pattern
Socks - Staggered Stripe Socks
Socks - Toe Socks  - the really cool socks where each toe has it's own opening.
Socks - Summer Slice Socks

Tea Cozy - Beginners Tea Cozy

Toys - Blue Bunny
Toys - Miffed Bird - Black
Toys - Pokemon Pichu
Toys - Hello Kitty
Toys - Crochtopus
Toys - Antonio the Frog
Toys - Freddy the Froggy
Toys - Mood Doll

Plarn. What is it? It is yarn made from plastic bags you get from stores. It is fun to make and makes pretty sturdy items, like mats for homeless or bags for groceries. You can google how to make it.

While I am remembering, if you click on a link that isn't working, go to The Way Back Machine. This site is phenomenal! You can get to the site as it used to look before it was canceled. You can see what used to be posted. Remember, everything posted to the net is always there! There are ways to get it back, but this is one of my all time favorites.

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