08 April 2011

Best Night of Girl Scouts Ever

My friend and I are Girl Scout Leaders. We have a little troop (and I do mean little - all of 9 girls). Of those girls 4 belong to other moms and the other 5 belong to us. We have been with this troop for 2 years and have discovered an interesting little fact....we are a babysitter for these other girls. The parents drop their children and leave. They don't stay and they don't participate and they don't even come into the building to make sure we are there or who might be there. They just leave them in the parking lot and leave.

So tonight once we knew that the storm that the previous night was going to be coming missed us (gotta watch the news right before meetings), I called my co-leader and said, how about a night of playing in the great outdoors. She loved it. So we found a bunch of games that they could play and we let them play. We threw out the games and they played and they played and they played. They had a lot of fun and so did we!!! The best game....Kick the Can!!!! The most simple game was the most fun. They ran and they ran and they had fun. But tonight we only had our daughters and then one other. When she arrived she was dealing with issues brought about by living in two homes. Sad, but true. Our other girls all have issues. These issues are what make every meeting night a new adventure for us. But we love our girls and we love the fun that they have and those rare, wonderful, fun nights are what make things the best.

So tonight was the best night of Girl Scouts, to date!

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