04 April 2011

Monday Mutterings

While reading another blog, there was an encouragement to blog about something that bothers you or that you want to talk about, with a link back to her link. So clicking on my title will lead back to her blog so that you do the same.

My Monday Muttering:

I am so tired of people who just drop their children off somewhere and don't even bother to make sure that they are with a responsible adult or when they are supposed to stay and participate they can't get out of there fast enough, so they just drop the child off at the door and drive away before they are even in the door. They talk about how important that child is, but they don't really prove it because they just dump their children. Cases in point...I am a girl scout leader and the parents just dump their children outside the door, they don't come in to get their child or make sure that the leader is there. Dump and run. Another case in point, a child is getting ready for their First Holy Communion, the parents drop her off and then leave, they don't even stay to make sure there is a class or that the instructor is present. Dump and Run. Seriously folks, what kind of example are you setting by doing this?

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