13 April 2011

The Prayer Shawl and other things

The Prayer Shawl
I made this for a friend of mine to keep in her office. She is a nurse midwife and she was telling me about having to help a woman deliver her baby (dead). I asked her if she would object to keeping a prayer shawl(s) in her office should she ever have to do that again. She said she would like that. So I finally finished it. This is the prayer shawl that fell out of my bag and didn't get run over (because the driver of the truck must have been the recipient of yarny goodness). It is very pretty and very warm.

I also have been making a lot of dishcloths (still, yet, again). But I have also made some scrubbies they are kind of fun to make and are so simple.

The prayer shawl can be found in Debbie Macomber's book and also on her website. The dishcloth is a diagonal (I am loving this because it is so simple and so fun to change colors on it). The scrubbies are from the same pattern page. These are from Gwen Bortner http://tankhouse.knitability.com/freepatterns/DishClothDuo.pdf.
Have a good night.

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